Old photooo from the weekend of Radical Betty’s life celebration — Labor Day weekend 2009. A couple of odd meteorological type things that stick in my mind from the day of her celebration. Some of us were walking the beach that morning and all of a sudden Mr. Golden Sun made the ripples and froth on the water sparkle for a minute in a way I don’t think I have ever seen before or since. (Not this pic. We were on the sand when this happened and I was not quick enough on the draw to get my phone camera open.) And then, as the hour of her celebration approached, a cute little mini-thunderstorm rolled through. A few drops of rain and one little kiss of lightning and thunder with the sun shining brightly the entire time and barely a cloud in the sky.

I got my absentee ballot today. Yay. And an unimportant piece of mail that apparently went to someone else’s address before it came to mine. Yesterday I got a similar piece of mail for someone else. And for the two days before that, we didn’t get any mail at all. Needless to say, I will drop my ballot off at the clerk’s office or one of the drop boxes.

Power outages this morning. One very brief one and a longer one later. Next Door Neighbor was lit up with something like three threads. Fortunately it didn’t last long enough for us to have to consider plugging in our generator. It doesn’t power the whole house but we can live comfortably with what we choose to power with it. Luxury camping.

For unknown reasons, WordPress is not emailing comments to me right now. I mean I get soooo many comments, roight? Which is okay. I love comments but I write this bunch of blather mainly for myself🐸 I do remember back in the day when my host service went down for a couple days and my MOTHER finally CALLED me to see if we were okay down here😂

Will I be able to watch the debates tonight? Will I be able to watch them in the same room as the GG? Green Acres re-runs might be a safer bet?🐽 We shall see.

P.S. Oh yeah, three big garbage bags of old clothes including most (but not all) of my biz-caz from Cubelandia went to the Salvation Army today. And I didn’t even have to take them there. YAY!

2 Responses to “Randomness”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Three garbage bags! I wonder if I should get rid of most/many of my teacher clothes. Probably. I remain extremely concerned about the mail.

  2. Paulette Says:

    I will never forget Mouse’s performance that day as we listened to stories about Betty. She actually became Betty for a few moments! Eleven years….wow.