Live and lose (but more importantly lima beans!)

Every year late summer and into fall there is a booth at the farmers market that has fresh shelled lima beans. They are six dollars a quart (I *think* it’s a quart box) and every time I went down there, which was every in-town Saturday, I would buy four quarts.

I am not going in person to the farmers market this year because COVID. They have a curbside system but the process is a bit too much for my interpersonal communication comfort level because you have to communicate (in various ways) with individual vendors to buy things. I am using Argus delivery which is WONDERFUL but they don’t always have the full range of products that are at the farmers market, at least not at any given moment.

I had just about resigned myself to living without lima beans this year. They were not showing up in the Argus product list. I didn’t know if that vendor was not selling via Argus or if I was just not online when lima beans were available. Yesterday I was doing grocery orders and even though I didn’t really NEED anything from Argus I thought I would check it out. Lo and behold, THEY HAD LIMA BEANS! So now I have lima beans. And delicata squash and onions and potatoes and leaf lettuce from our fave Goetz Family Farm down in Blissfield. And some hummus that I like.

I turned on the furnace today. Oh, the furnace has been on a couple times already but it was not meeeee who turned it on. I was not cold then. Today, after a blindingly brilliant sun this morning, the afternoon turned gray and chilly and it was 56 degrees INSIDE. And I WAS a bit chilly. So I turned the thermostat up to 64 and turned on the LEDs under the kitchen cupboards and I am in fine shape.

Cheers! (and wear a goddamn mask!)

One Response to “Live and lose (but more importantly lima beans!)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Mask wearer here! 64 is still too cold for me. I like 68-70. I love lima beans! How do you prepare them?