I don’t drive often enough!

Oh, okay, I have solo-driven to and from the yooperland a few times since you-know-when. Other than that, I drive to get curbside pickup, mostly at the Plum but sometimes at Sparrow and the Whine Castle. And one intrepid trip over to Cubelandia to clean out my cube.

Driving has been weird for me throughout the pandemic. As a teenager I was chomping at the bit to get my driver’s license. I got it when I was 16 but not on my birthday because there were not enough road test slots to meet the demand and I had to wait for one. I can’t remember how many months after my birthday it was that I got my license. I feel like it was early summer? My birthday is January. I remember that most of my friends had to wait even longer and were well into 17 before they could legally drive.

I have always been a defensive driver but also an assertive one (NOT aggressive, there’s a difference). I seem to be ULTRA-defensive since the pandemic. And slow? I am always aware of speed limits and try to stay within them or a wee bit above. Now? I am going slow? Well, that’s not entirely true. When I am on the freeway, I catch myself up at 80 sometimes and have to ease up a bit. I do NOT use cruise control so stuff happens.

Anyway, I HAD to get OUT somewhere today. It was raining and I took Mooon Yooonit down to the Huron River and drove her out almost to Chelsea, headed south via Dancer Road under the freeway, hung a louie onto Jerusalem, then south on Parker to Swan Corners. No visible swans today, maybe they are gone for the winter? But it was a nice little rain ride on the back roads where there was NO traffic. I could go as slow as I wanted to. Which is what I needed today. Like I was able to STOP and BACK UP to get this tree pic, flawed as it is with power lines and a rain streak on my veeendsheeeld.

Okay, I do not know what is exactly going on with Trump. Does anyone? I cannot stand the man or the fact that he is our current prez. His little COVID “victory” turn to greet his supporters cult members outside Walter Reed is annoying to me. Has he really made a miraculous recovery so quickly? I wonder. If so, cool… But… People all over Twitter are suggesting that he is infecting people by doing this. Um, probably not and what are the facts here? He isn’t infecting his supporters because he is being transported in some kind of “armored” car. And. He is PROBABLY not infecting the folks in the car with him because THEY have PROBABLY been outfitted (by Walter Reed) with medical-grade PPE to keep them safe from his infection. Alas, I doubt that equipment will keep them safe from his poisonous presidency.

I just want those of us who are anti-Trump to keep focused and not get side-tracked by gabbling about issues that we as private citizens don’t have answers to. Jeebus, I soooo miss the Sidetrack Saloon over in Ypsi… Work parties and lunches with some of my MacMu cousins and their dad Old Man MacMu, a COVID victim. Obviously I am side-tracked…

P.S. Okay, according to early morning Twitter feeds, I was wrong and a Walter Reed doc “blasted” the Orange Baboon for his cute little foray. Nov. 3? Out out out!

2 Responses to “I don’t drive often enough!”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Headline in today’s STL Post-Dispatch:


    (Yes, it was all in caps. In the article, it went on to quote him, “It’s been a very interesting journey. I learned a lot about COVID. I learned it by really going to school. I get it and I understand it.”)

    Red pencil in hand, I want to scribble in the margins: The idiom you want is “I guess I got schooled!
    Also, use the proper tense, (we all are … tense that is) I GOT IT, so now I get it! Too bad you couldn’t understand it in February when it was explained to you, using small words and lots of pictures.

    VOTE as soon as you can, but certainly by Nov. 3!!! VOTE HIM OUT!

  2. Margaret Says:

    The SUV, being hermetically sealed, is a dangerous place for anyone, even masked. Doctors with PPE have gotten covid19 and died from it. I feel sorry for those Secret Service people. No matter which way you look at it, his outing was a selfish and idiotic cry for attention. Typical narcissistic A-hole. I haven’t driven much either; car coffee dates are about it.