This was probably my fave of the Orange Baboon’s nutso tweets this morning. I mean really? Euphoria drugs anyone? I loved when @lakesuperior later tweeted “ROCKS AND WATER. VOTE!” I still don’t understand what the space force is. I’ll vote for blue water and rocks over bad orange crapola any day.

Yetch. Other than that, I do not really have any words for today’s stream of craziness out of Washington, DC. So I’ll talk about Softy Beanbag instead. See her there flopping outta the GG’s backpack?

The GG is in demand by various women as a hiking companion. Many women do not like to hike alone and are even nervous in small groups. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND although there are places I am not afraid, like down by Barton Pond. The GG is one of the few men that most women are not afraid to hike with, so he is off for a week or whatever with a couple groups of women including the “softies”. They call themselves that because they do NOT backpack (I don’t either). I always like to say I need a shower in the morning and whine in the evening.

Anyway, I told him if he was gonna hike with the softies, he HAD to take Softy Beanbag. She belongs to one of the beach urchins and has a long history with our family. Early on we were at the moomincabin one summer and the GG was not and Softy’s urchin was going through a wee period of telephonic anxiety and didn’t really want to talk to the GG on the phone. Softy had stayed with the GG so “she” would talk to the urchin from the Planet Ann Arbor. “Softy Beanbag” is on the phone for you. Different kids require different tools and this was one of the tools that worked for us with that urchin. Plenty of other tools did not 🐽

Another time, the GG was conscripted to chaperone a 2nd grade field trip. He packed up Softy into a little backpack with her head peeking out. One of the teachers said to him, “I was having a really bad morning until I saw this.”

So, he was with the softies for a bit and now I think he’s with some of our regular Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore wimmen. He gets along well with all of these gals but I get the distinct impression that sometimes the conversations can be a wee bit tiring. I can be a gossip but it’s usually with my kids, my cousins, or his sisters and he can kinda tune that out. There is one woman in the group who can be a bit Karen-ish but she’s a regular and a known quantity. She’s why we call the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery “The Den of Iniquity”. We love her anyway.

One Response to ““SPACE FORCE. VOTE!””

  1. Margaret Says:

    “Karens” are indeed tiresome, as you know well. I did read those tweets this morning and was bug eyed. If he’s worrying his own son (Don Jr), imagine how the rest of us feel!