Life in the twilight zone

I did not wake up to any kind of earth-shaking news this morning. I woke up to the same old same old Trumpian crapola. I’m “home” and I’ve beaten the virus. But he has not (although he certainly may (but remember Herman Cain)) and he ripped his mask off for a balcony moment. Despite his “schooling” or whatever it was he said, I don’t think he yet understands COVID’s rules. Epidemiologists are still working to understand those rules. Sigh.

I do not have depression issues but man oh man I was dern grumpy this morning. Nevertheless, I persisted. I dredged myself outta the rack and took a dark walk and when I finally faaarrred up my work laptop, there was iDeep pinging me from India. Yes yes yes, call me! And he did and then there was the morning standup and a meeting with dev that I crashed. This all helped me cope with my temporary mood crapola.

My Mouse/Racoon and I were planning an afternoon whine meeting here in the Landfill backyard today. We were thinking about getting takeout from Knights but that didn’t exactly work out for various reasons, mainly because the Frog Hopper needed a taaaar repair. The whine meeting turned into a ‘hattan meeting while they were waiting for the Frog Hopper’s tire repairs to be finished.

We were talking (among other things) about Ayn Rand books… Mainly The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. I think I need to read those again. I read them as a teenager/young adult and I liked them for a while… …until I didn’t. I can’t put my issues about them into words so maybe I will read them again… We’ll see.

The pic? It is a “volunteer” impatiens plant that somehow established itself in the brickwork underneath the hoses.

P.S. Godspeed Eddie Van Halen.

2 Responses to “Life in the twilight zone”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow, the impatiens. I can’t grow them (or begonias or fuchsias) because my place is too sunny. Isn’t Ayn Rand a Libertarian hero? I don’t think I would much agree with her philosophy, plus they are LONG. (or one of them is) I’ve been grouchy too, and on the verge of depressed. Ugh.

  2. Deb Says:

    A pulmonologist( from UCSF) reviewing that video commented that he probably ripped off the mask because he wasn’t getting enough oxygen and that he showed clear signs of “neck breathing” which is where the neck muscles are brought into play because the normal breathing muscles aren’t doing enough. Until I read that, I wasn’t completely convinced he even had Covid19.