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I do NOT form my opinions by listening to NPR. NPR does rumble along through the background of my life. It was background noise on my Zen Commute. It became my background noise when I moved to TeleCubelandia. There are certain things I perk up at when they come on. Like the Sunday morning puzzle and jazz shows. I’m getting a little taaarred of the weekday jazz because it gets repetitive. But I’m not really actively listening to any of it because it’s in the chitchen, at a low volume, and my super ears don’t really hear most of it.

Today I had to say that if my opinions sounded the same as NPR’s opinions, it was because NPR must be getting their opinions from me! That is not really true of course. None of the NPR reporters have any clue who I am or what my opinions are.

When it comes to Trump (who was the main topic of conversation), I follow his Twitter feed and listen to what he says. From there I form my own opinions. I have NEVER been a Trump fan. That goes back to well before he ran for prez. He has always come across to me as a narcissistic con man and I could never see what other people saw in him. So I was horrified when he WON the presidency and I STILL don’t understand now why he has so many supporters. If NPR sounds like me it’s because they have come to the same conclusions I have.

Socialism? Communism? What “ism” will we descend into if Trump is not elected? In my opinion, the only “ism” Trump is interested in is Trumpism. Vote for Republican candidates if you really believe that Joe Biden will magically turn the USA (a large and VERY complicated country) into some kind of unrecognizable socialistic or communist society. But please don’t vote for Trump. He does NOT have your best interests in mind. He cares only about himself. Well, maybe Ivanka…

But (you say) Biden is not a saint. NOBODY is a saint. Biden has made mistakes and will continue to make them. We all do. But you and I and Biden do not deliberately try to hurt other people by our actions or policies. You can argue whether Trump is deliberate or just does his own thing and damn the consequences for other people. I guess I would go with the second.

I am undecided about watching tonight’s debate. I’m not sure I can even find it on TV. I’m lucky if I can find Green Acres reruns. I hope Harris CREAMS Pence. I hope she doesn’t get COVID19 from him. I know he has tested negative but with White House virus protocols, who really knows? And I don’t trust the plexiglass.


P.S. Apparently it was a very Karen-ish morning on the Wisconsin section of the North Country Trail and that may be why I had to deal with all of this afternoon’s polly-tickle crapola🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Are some people actually saying that you’re getting your opinions from NPR? (because that’s a fairly non-biased news site to get info from) We have to get our info from somewhere and then form our opinions accordingly. I am shocked that facts and science are disparaged by so many; we are in deep doo doo with so many situations because of that. I agree with your political rant. I am still marveling at the fly on Pence’s head and hope that they get Jeff Goldblum to play it on SNL.