Met a new grand-nephew baby tonight. Wait. What do you call your 1st cousin once removed’s child? The baby is my 1st cousin *twice* removed but NOT any kind of nephew. My cousins are almost like siblings to me and I get confused sometimes. Anyway, the baby’s grandparents (my cousin and her husband) hosted a socially distanced pizza party across town on the deck at Chez Harry (her dad’s house). Does your brain hurt from all the begats? There’s a quiz at the end 🐽

Right at the beginning of the COVID era, we lost my aunt Bubs. She was my dad’s much younger sister and the last of the four siblings in that generation. She did not die *of* COVID. A broken bone sent her to a rehab facility where she could not have visitors, including her husband (because of COVID). She was quite fragile and my uninformed opinion is that being surrounded by strangers is a major factor in what did her in.

She left behind My Dear Uncle Harry, whose house we met at tonight. Fortunately we had summer-like weather today so we could all be outside. Even though all of these people have been isolating forever, I remain nervous about indoor gatherings. You have to take your mask off to eat! The grandparents, who flew from the left coast, did the responsible thing and isolated in an AirBnB, then got a COVID test before moving to Chez Harry for the remainder of their visit.

Some flinging has taken place and I came home with this loverly door prize! And yes, it actually means something to me. It is an ashtray from when my dad and granddaddy ran the bank. Small-town bankers. I already have a couple-three of these around so I will happily add it to the collection. I collect very few things these days but this artifact makes the cut. I have no clue what Michigan’s Miracle Mile is.

4 Responses to “Inheritance”

  1. jay Says:

    I don’t know if this link will work, but a 1950 article called the mile through the Soo as the Michigan Miracle Mile

  2. Jay Says:

    And it was great to see you – even for a short time.

  3. Margaret Says:

    How wonderful to be able to get together with family! Glad the weather cooperated. 🙂 C. is your 1st cousin twice removed indeed. Cousin relationships are tricky. J’s kids and yours are second cousins.

  4. Pooh Says:

    I guessed it was probably the locks. Either that or Portage Ave! 😉