Follow-up and more

I posted the ash tray photo on Instagram and a friend was wondering why it included the line about the Federal Reserve. I don’t know but I do remember my dad traveling at least once to the Federal Reserve bank in Minneapolis. During his visit, he had the opportunity to hold $1,000,000 in cash in his hand. I remember us kids were soooo amazed by the idea of a million dollars. And then the Michigan Miracle Mile? It’s the Soo Locks, as you can see by yesterday’s comments. The only “mile” I could think of was the I-500 snowmobile track but I think this ashtray pre-dates that and there are certainly other race-tracks in Michigan.

I’ll blahg about my dad’s journey into his career as a Successful Failure and my abandonment at the I-500 snowmobile race by Bad Boyfriend some other day.

I planned to do a whole bunch of sorting/flinging today. I didn’t. Part of it is that I’m struggling to muster the psychological energy to make progress with this prodject (intentionally misspelled). Partly it’s because it’s probably one of the last summer-like days of annus horribilis and I wanted to hang out in the back yard.

So what did I do today? I walked in the pitch black pre-dawn hours (I LOVE walking in the dark). A couple of curbside pickups (Plum and Whine Castle). Vacuuming chores with Rooooooomba and our purple Dyson cordless (so far unnamed but GREAT vac!). Other cleaning chores and opening a couple packages that arrived during the week that I didn’t open before because I didn’t need them immediately. 1) Colorful t-shirt fabric from the UK via Etsy to aid in Visible Mending some beloved cotton/whatever knit maxi-skirts (another prodject I’ve been procrastinating about). 2) CLOROX WIPES that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I rolled the Amazon dice and got lucky. I ration those like crazy, mainly one a day to wipe Eco Terlet’s rim. TMI? In the COVID beginning I had to “rescue” a canister of wipes from outside where the GG was using them to clean tools! NO NO NO NO NO!

And then. After lunch, I hung out in the back yard reading and savoring our Indian Summer. Aaaaahhhhh…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Not a great weather day here but it certainly had everything: torrential rain, wind, blue sky, hail and in some places (?) snow. When I went to pick up my groceries, the street I was driving on was like a river. I like the term successful failure.