I wish I was clever enough to come up with things like this but I am not and I do not know who did.

It’s Sunday and so I followed my childhood family’s tradition of taking a drive out into the country. “Country” is a bit different in 2020 Washtenaw County than it was in 1960s Chippewa County. Then we would drive for miles and miles along paved (or not) two (or sometimes one) lane roads lined with trees and rarely encountering any signs of civilization. I liked and disliked these drives. I’m sure we had books and art supplies for when we got bored with all of the treeeeees. I do remember sitting in the back seat looking at the map. Fibre, Raber, Stalwart, De Tour, Eckerman, Strongs. I would get excited when I knew we were approaching one of these little burgs, expecting to find a candy store and maybe some trinkets. Alas, if there did happen to be candy/trinket stores in these places, we rarely stopped. My parents liked to ramble along the yooperland back roads and that’s what we did. After Sunday School and church, that is. None of us were religious at all (I knew that for myself at a VERY early age) but if you wanted to be successful in the small town that you grew up in, you went to church. We were mainstream Methodist, not some speaking-in-tongues cult.

As bored as I would get on a lot of those drives, I grew up to enjoy back road rambling. I fortunately married a guy who shares that with me and we have spent a lot of time driving along through miles of trees.

Back road rambling in Washtenaw County is not the same as it was (and still is) in Chippewa County but there are plenty of deserted roads and our beach urchins grew up riding in the back seat as weeee navigated those roads. No need to wait until after Sunday School and church because we don’t do that stuff. There are plenty of “candy/trinket” stores out in Washtenaw County and we would occasionally stop at one but not all that often.

Today I took myself out into Washtenaw County in Mooon Yooonit. I drove a kind of square. I drove down to Liberty and took it until it dead-ends on the eastern side of Mill Creek and you have to make a right onto Dancer. I took Dancer up until it meets Island Lake, then went through Dexter (extremely busy!), then took Joy over to Stein and Tubbs down to Huron River Drive over to N. Maple and home.

I was sorta looking for fall color. There is plenty of it but everything is pretty dry and I didn’t get any photo ops. I didn’t set out to look for polly-tickle signs but as I drove, I started noticing all of the Biden/Harris signs and then I saw a ByeDon sign. I didn’t think to get a pic at the time and then regretted it. Turns out our next door neighbors have this sign, so here it is. I did not see ONE Trump sign. Four years ago we took a drive out in the county and there were Trump signs everywhere.

This is one little county in Michigan and this county’s largest city (Ann Arbor) is largely “liberal”. I am still very nervous about the upcoming election. Trump has been a terrible president and I want him out. And do NOT tell me “you are a smart ‘girl’, do your research”. You do your OWN damn research. Stop drinkin’ the Kool-Aid.

One Response to ““ByeDon””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I despise it when people say that because I do lots of research on sites that are as close to non-partisan as possible AND do numerous fact checks. Thus, the hypocrisy and the irony are astounding when the aforementioned people believe so much unfounded and fictional crap. (nicer word than what I had in mind) I don’t remember taking too many family drives; my brothers and I always fought in the back seat. Our fall color is not showing much right now. It’s either late or not coming at all.