He not Cookie Monster

Once upon a time in the Jurassic Age, some sort of Senate “hearings” pre-empted all day-time TV. All I remember about it was a whole bunch of “Ah don’t recollect” from various old fossils. Kee-reist.

I fergit when this was but it was pre-kids for me. I think. I fergit what the hearing was about. We didn’t have computers then, at least not computers that could connect to the intertubes and pull down news (and Senate hearings). We MAY have had an Apple II+ by then? Was I even hanging out with the GG then? Ah don’t recollect. If I needed background noise, I used the TV.

What I dooooo remember is reading a newspaper article in which some poor taaaarrred old mom of a pre-schooler was lamenting that the Senate hearing pre-empted Sesame Street. She turned on the TV and her kid’s response to some old fossil “not recollecting” was, “He not Cookie Monster.” Indeed. My kids had mixed feelings about Sesame Street and one of them derisively dismissed Bert and Ernie as “those silly guys.” But that’s beside the point.

I felt like that kid when I flipped on NPR this morning. I am getting bored with the programming on my preferred station because they seem to play the same jazz every weekday but I haven’t gotten around to finding a replacement system and I do like to hear a bit of news from time to time and the traffic report even though it doesn’t affect me any more. This morning. OMG. Do I want to listen to Amy Coney Barret’s confirmation hearings? I’m pretty sure I do not. She doesn’t look like an old fossil but She not Cookie Monster (or even EMU jazz).

I am not an ACB fan but some of you probably know that. I may (or may not) go into this in more detail some other day. Today I turned the volume way down. I had meetings anyway. The next few weeks are gonna be rough…

One Response to “He not Cookie Monster”

  1. Margaret Says:

    John has a much higher tolerance for listening to that sort of thing. He can even watch our so-called “leader” whereas I walk out of the room in disgust. That’s not to say that he likes any of this more than I do; he just has a calmer temperament! My girls never watched Sesame Street and I’m not even sure why. I don’t like jazz so I would need to listen to something else during that period of time.