Straight ticket

I’ll letchy’all guess which color 🐽🐽🐽

As a COVID Coward, I’m gonna let Mr. Mxyzptlk be first on November 3rd this year. Not even gonna fight him for it.

A while back, I thought I saw news that the Planet Ann Arbor was going to install extra ballot collection boxes throughout the city. I kept checking back and checking back and checking back. There were links that supposedly led to lists of ballot box locations. I would click them and see… nothing.

The only ones I knew about were one *inside* city hall and one at a satellite office in the UM Art Museum. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to navigate downtown Planet Ann Arbor right now? Construction city with streets closed for outdoor dining, etc. <kidding>I guess it’s legal for the GG to drop it off for me but I didn’t feel I could quiiiite be sure it would make it to its destination 🐽</kidding>

Yesterday! I got a message with a link to new ballot box locations and GUESS WHAT? Vet’s Park parking lot! That’s an easy walk from here! Although I drove over in Mooon Yooonit. My morning was filled with meetings and stuff and I had already done Dark Walk.

I miss the walk to Haisley and all the people and the sticker and walking through the woods after and even the line but I don’t miss it that much.

Anyway it’s done and now we nervously wait. I sure hope I filled my ballot out without mistakes!

P.S. As a child, I can remember The Commander enthusiastically saying she was gonna vote a straight Republican ticket. As the GOP careened (or is it careered?) farther and farther to the right, she changed her tune and in the end became an enthusiastic Obama voter.

P.P.S. Upon re-reading this, I am WELL AWARE that my voting experience in this annus horribilis was light-years away from so many other people in this country. I drove up next to a ballot box in an empty parking lot and put my ballot in the slot. And drove home. I didn’t even wear my mask…

One Response to “Straight ticket”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We will be voting twins. I will vote the same way and will drop off my ballot at the drop box at my local library. Without a mask. I wish other places had it as easy. There is NO reason why they shouldn’t. Grrrr.