Twitter play #5098

Setting: Landfill front room, Planet Ann Arbor

Cast: Kayak Woman, the GG

Act 1

GG: Going to the hardware store.

KW [naggingly]: Mask?

GG: [walks out door in silence]

Act 2 [10 minutes later, not near enough time for a trip to the hardware store]

[GG pulls in the driveway and comes back inside]

KW: ???

GG: Need a mask.

KW: 😳

P.S. In all fairness, he probably walked out the door in silence because he didn’t HEAR me because he’s been wearing earphones lately. I was initially annoyed but now I’m thinking it has its advantages…

One Response to “Twitter play #5098”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad he didn’t get all the way there without a mask. I carry several in my car.