Pandemic parking lot camping

Before the world went nutso back in March, the GG took one last trip north (this one was to the northern lower) and snagged the Lyme Lounge from the UU’s gargantuan garatchkey. At that time we were (I was) nervous about the coronavirus but we didn’t really have any idea how soon our lives would be pretty much upended so it turned out that he snagged it just in the nick of time. Because our subsequent Sunday afternoon plans turned into pulling the Lyme Lounge out to area state and metro parks, parking, and having a snack and a sip or two of liquid courage. Here is the day the Lyme Lounge returned to the Landfill last March.

By the very next weekend, we decided our typical Planet Ann Arbor weekend activities were over for the duration. No Oscar Tango for dinner on Friday night. No Grizzly Peak lunch with our fave bartender on Saturday. What could we do? Well. We could trailer the Lyme Lounge over to… So I think this is our first experiment with that. We ended up at Silver Lake, in the Dexter Pinckney Rec Area parking lot.

Some of our fave pandemic snacks were peppered salami and cranberry goat cheese, with or without rice thin crackers. I *think* that this particular trip was on Lake Erie down in Monroe. The wind was strong enough to rock the Lyme Lounge around a bit. For some reason that eased the constant low-level anxiety I had been experiencing for weeks. There was crafting going on too, by the GG.

We did Lyme Lounge “afternoon camping” throughout the spring. I didn’t think I would be able to go to the moomincabin this summer and actually wrote a couple of impassioned FB posts about that, which I kind of regret doing now, even though I got a lot of positive comments, even from folks who don’t agree with my polly-ticks.

Eventually we decided we could manage trips to our yooperland cabin. For me, the planning was stressful because I wasn’t sure about whether I could get curbside pickup. It turned out that the answer was yes and no. I could get curbside but it wasn’t as solid a service as I get here on the Planet Ann Arbor. I schlepped uncountable groceries up there in case I could NOT get curbside. And that was stressful. I so missed the days (just last summer) when I could schlep in to Meijer or even to the park store for just that one lemon or whatever. But we managed to get to the moominbeach for some good times.

The moomincabin is now closed for the winter but we still have the Lyme Lounge down here at the Landfill. Today we hauled it out to Silver Lake and repeated our spring routine with various pandemic snacks and a wee bit of liquid courage.

Love y’all and be safe, KW

3 Responses to “Pandemic parking lot camping”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a great adaption to this stress filled situation! Several people I know have bought trailers and motor homes in order to get away yet stay in their safe bubble. You were ahead of the game!

  2. l4827 Says:

    Nice OTing. Did a color tour out by Jerusalem Road. Picked up a yellow pansy on the way back.

  3. UU Says:

    Hi Anne-
    Gay and I are headed to VA for a couple weeks, back on 11/8 or so.

    There of course is always HL, but you guys are welcome to use our house. Bill knows where the keys are. He is going to store the LL here for the winter.