Trenary toast potatoes and a trunk full of Bud

Life at the Landfill:

1) This bag of Trenary toast potatoes has been hanging around for a couple months now, both here and at the moomincabin. I am not a fan of Trenary toast. It is dried out mini-toasts flavored with cinnamon or whatever. This is NOT to dis the company that makes this stuff. A LOT of people really like it, including the GG. It is just not my cuppa. Actually it’s probably good for dunking but I am not a dunker.

So yesterday the GG came out with the Trenary toast potato bag with some potatoes in hand asking, “Are these potatoes any good?” They had great big eyes on them and were starting to get soft. Apparently he had put some potatoes into an empty Trenary toast bag… I told him to put the bag back inside and I would evaluate the Trenary potatoes tomorrow.

2) So then I had scheduled a Plum Market curbside for this morning. The GG took the Ninja on a 10 day trip and after I parked and clicked the link to notify the Plum that I was there, I COULD NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME pop the trunk from inside the vee-hickle. Turns out it has a lock that the GG LOCKED at some point. Who knew? I probably knew at some point but it’s a 12-year-old vee-hickle and I have NEVER locked the trunk popper.

So I got outside and popped the trunk and… Yiiiiiy! A case or two of empty beer cans were rolling around in there. There are occasionally weird things in my trunk when I do curbside pickups. I removed a couple of old rifles one time but if there’s a chainsaw I just leave it there. I was puzzled about all those beer cans. For one thing, the GG was on a hiking trip with a Karen-ish woman who is a total teetotaler to the point of shaming other people for having a beer (don’t worry, he had a wee bit of sippin’ bourbon for when she wasn’t around). For another thing, the Utility Beer around here in recent years is Bell’s Two Hearted, NOT Budweiser.

Well. Of course. Duh. The GG stopped at FlaMan’s apartment on the way down to the Planet Ann Arbor and picked up all of FlaMan’s empty Bud cans from his apartment and THAT was what was in my trunk. At least it wasn’t chainsaws or rifles and my curbside gal said she had seen all kinds of things and we both gnoffed through our masks 🧡🧡🧡

3 Responses to “Trenary toast potatoes and a trunk full of Bud”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Fun OTing tonite!

  2. l4827 Says:

    Fun OTing tonite! as always…

  3. Margaret Says:

    My late husband liked Budweiser, but I have a distaste for it. Glad the mystery was solved. That toast sounds too much like Melba toast. (not a fan)