Moving the earth

I won’t bore y’all with our on-and-off flinging efforts over the last 15 years or so. I made some good progress. My mom died. She was NOT a hoarder and we were pretty direct about getting rid of things (I mean we took 95% of her clothing to the Sault Ste. Siberia Sally Ann the morning of her memorial visitation – in a snowstorm!). Still there was stuff that I ended up having to sort out and I still have some of it.

We do NOT (heaven forbid) live in a large house. Three bedroom 1959 Ticky Tacky “ranch” with three small bedrooms, one bathroom, a “finished” (and fugly) basement and a large added room. It was our starter house. It is still our house. What the heck? We paid off the mortgage in 13 years and have been largely debt-free ever since. Just saying there are good reasons for not moving “up” to a McMansion🐽

Okay. If you are not one of my nine reglear nucular taggers*, I have been telecommuting since March 13, 2020 and got turned into a Forever Telecommuter sometime in July. For various reasons, there is NO SPACE here for long-term remote working. Except the Green Couch. Which was fine for snowstorms, etc. The GG long ago took over one beach urchin’s bedroom for an upstairs lair. The other beach urchin’s bedroom had been pretty much cleaned out (by me) a while back but it was filling in with North Country Trail crapola.

I was sitting on the moomincabin deck when I got the Forever Telecommuter news so I didn’t really process it for a while but then I was like, “I NEED STUDIO SPACE IN THIS HOUSE!”

We have made slow progress toward that goal. I blame most of the lethargy upon myself. A lot of the stuff in that room doesn’t belong to me and I have just not had the psychological energy to deal with it. The GG has been doing some picking away the last month or so. Today he did some heavy lifting. I am not even 100% close to being happy with the results. I WANT TO GET RID OF THINGS!

But he did create these little iPhone/laptop vignettes down in the Landfill Dungeon. In neither case do they include every computer/iPhone we’ve ever owned. Some of those have been handed down or scrapped (beloved Strawberry iMac) and the Apple II+ musheens are in the other room. But apparently these all still faaaaar up. (So do the Apple II+ musheens in the other room.)

Happy or not about general flinging and earth moving progress, seeing all of these devices lined up in the Dungeon totally cracked me up.

* My [late] little brother mispronounced the words regular, nuclear, and tiger when he was young.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I still have too much of my late husband’s stuff, as well as daughter things. Ashley has helped a lot with flinging when she comes home, but lives too far away to push me the way I need. Wow, those phones! 🙂 I’ve had two iPhones total and before that un-smart phones.