Rodent artistes

The GG tries so hard. He braved a COVID-defying trip to Kroger the other day (to return FlaMan’s empty cans). He came home with sandwich thins and 10 small pumpkins, which he very neatly lined up along the front “garden”. The beach urchin who took this photoooo took one look and said something like, “I hope those are not *pie* pumpkins because *those* are very expensive”. Nope. 10 pumpkins for $10.00. With some glaring exceptions, the GG can be a pretty good cheapskate.

So a couple of squoils are quickly decimating these little pumpkins. I think I am only seeing two. A little black squoil is hanging around but doesn’t seem to get in on the squoil spoils. Are they discriminating against him or is he just too young (small) to hold his own against him? I suspect the second. Photo credit to one of my beach urchins. And to give the GG credit, it’s entirely possible that he EXPECTED the squoils to decimate his pumpkins. I do know that it has provided great entertainment for many passers-by.

Ever read Birdbox? I love to read books set in the Great Lake State and this one was set in the Detroit area and met another of my reading genre criteria, which is dystopian fiction. I loved it a lot. We then watched the movie, which I was less enamored with probably because it was OBVIOUSLY NOT SET IN MICHIGAN! Jeebus.

At some point in time I learned that the author was writing a sequel. “Malorie” is now available and I started reading it this afternoon after work when it was sorta warm enough to sit in the back yard. I was leaking tears by the fourth chapter when the yooperland was mentioned and that’s all I will say for now.

If you are a Michigander (or even if you are not), and can handle dystopian stories, read the Birdbox books. Last I knew, the author was a resident of Ferndale, a close-in Detroit suburb.

Love y’all, Kayak Woman, life-long Michigander, upper and lower peninsulas.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    As usual, the books are better! I didn’t know that squirrels liked pumpkins. Hmmm.