I sat outside reading (and checking Twitter, etc.) for a while after work until it got too chilly, even with leggings, etc. When I came in, the GG was logging in to a North Country Trail Zoom meeting and one of our beach urchins crashed it, which was way fun. And I’m sure her crashing was fine with the other folks in our chapter because most of our active members are baggy old people. We are always looking for younger folks but… The young folks who are usually interested in hiking are also those who have successful careers, therefore no time. This “kid” is successful but she seems to be making a little time and I love it. Glad that my Planet Ann Arbor kiddos have had the opportunity to experience their yooperland roots up close and personal.

When I came in from outside, I slid the door to the GG’s lair shut so I wouldn’t be tempted to listen to the meeting and put my two cents in. I travel to India every morning plus various meetings throughout the week. We don’t use Zoom. We use what the corporate Mothership puts onto our laptops, which is Microsoft Teams. We do NOT do video. Amazon Woman (boss lady) who is BEAUTIFUL once said something like, “I don’t want anybody looking at me this morning.” You go girl.

Speaking of corporate… Email this afternoon that the tentative time period that employees who will eventually be returning to offices (not me) is now postponed until second quarter 2021. We are not out of the woods with COVID yet and won’t be for a while.

uMich students are now ordered (by the county health department) to shelter “in place”. That doesn’t mean that they can’t go to grocery stores, etc. and bars/restaurants are still semi-open. And there is apparently a uMich football game in Minnesota(?) this Saturday. MMCB is a uMich football fan but she does not agree with the uMich football team traveling around when other STUDENTS can’t (or are not supposed to) and snort-laughed when I opined that footballers are SPESHUL students. A life-long pet peeve of mine (details in some future blahg). My dad had tickets through his yooperland banking job for one game a year and we would drive down to the Planet, stay with our cousins and attend a game with them. Whole ‘nother entry there. As an adult, I couldn’t care less about football games but the Planet Ann Arbor is my adult home and I now enjoy (and miss) the ambience of football Saturdays.

I am glad my company is taking this virus more seriously than many of our politicians and educational administrators are.

I dropped my absentee ballot in the box in the Vet’s Park parking lot on Tuesday the 13th. It was received on Thursday the 15th. Blue voter. Fingers crossed and breath held.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    The rules are all over the board, aren’t they? We’re having a spike here too but I’m not sure what will change, if anything. People are resisting the protocols more and more and are very angry and sometimes out of control. It’s scary. I voted too and also blue! 🙂