Pandemic birthday thoughts

It’s not my birthday. My birthday is smack in the middle of winter. If I have it right, I was born on a particularly frigid yooperland day and my old coot managed to lock himself out of the house and had to pry a basement window open to get in. I wish I knew that story better. There’s no one left to ask about it.

When I first started this bunch of useless blather, back when I was rolling my own (i.e. writing ALL of my own html/CSS), I used to call out people’s birthdays. Eventually it got to be too much. For one thing, take this week. It’s a Big Birthday Week. Tuesday: a niece. Wednesday: a cousin. Thursday: a niece. Today: a daughter. Monday: The Beautiful Suzie (the GG’s sister and my beloved friend who died waaaay too young). And so it goes. April is another month with a Big Birthday Week but they pretty much happen all year. We both have big close families in our own ways (him: lots of siblings, me: cousins galore).

So it got to be too much but also, as them thar intertubes aged a bit, I realized that people didn’t necessarily WANT their birthdays called out on the internet. I know I don’t like it when people broadcast mine although I will sometimes mention it myself.

I was a bit grumpy today though that we really couldn’t, you know, meet up with our daughter IN PERSON. Because you know why. It’s not that we meet EVERY year. We certainly didn’t get together when she was doing study abroad or living in California or even college in Kzoo although that was close enough to drive some gifts over on the I94 18-wheel Slogway. I certainly didn’t frequently drive up to the yooperland as an adult to spend my birthday with my parents. If I did, there was probably another reason for being there. But one of the perks of living less than an hour away from your kid is that you CAN in fact do lunch or dinner or whatever together on your birthday or theirs.

Not this year. Thank you COVID and I will not get polly-tickle here. Today. I always post these photooos on this date.

One Response to “Pandemic birthday thoughts”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m most bothered that we can’t or shouldn’t, even though in the past we often couldn’t due to distance. Ashley has lived in New York twice, Senegal and Los Angeles. Research meant that she was sometimes in Senegal on her birthday. We have many birthdays in May. Otherwise they’re fairly spread out.