Language, words, and labels matter

I was pretty incensed this morning when I checked facebook out only to see that friends with MAGA-infested ideas continue to recklessly use words like “socialism” without (I believe) understanding its definition. And then there’s the trope that Kamala supports killing full-term babies. I don’t believe Kamala supports that. I don’t believe 99.9999999% of the people in our country support that. Charles Manson and some other psychos maybe? Let’s call this “baby killing” thing what it almost always is: late-term abortion. Late term abortion is almost never used as a means of birth control. Instead it provides a LEGAL way for women (and their partners if they have one) to be free to make excruciating life and death decisions when a pregnancy goes horrifically wrong and threatens the life of the mother and/or the baby. C’mon people. Those who are forced to make these decisions deserve COMPASSION! They should NOT be labeled “baby-killers”.

Okay, I downloaded that crapola outta my head. The rest of the day? Up and down but nothing serious.

I have been obsessed with “visible mending” since the pandemic began (randomly, not because of the pandemic). Darning and patching and whatever (look it up if you care). I FINALLY dipped my toe into visible mending today, fixing a hole in one of my fave Toad & Co. boyfriend knit skirts. I did such an extremely clumsy job on this that I haven’t posted any pics of it except to text a few to my fiber artist (among other things) mouse-child. I am not happy with today’s results but I am also not discouraged. I need to make some needle and thread adjustments and get more practice.

And then there were the enchiladas… I ordered some beautiful flour tortillas from Plum a while back. I thought I was gonna use them right away but then I didn’t so I put them in the freezer. I shouldda tooken them out and put them on the counter to thaw yesterday. But. I didn’t. They were out thawing for hours today but they are kind of thick and they were still more or less fused together by the time I wanted to use them. The good news is that we ARE having enchiladas tonight and they will be fine. The bad news is that it took me FOREVER to separate these things using a tortuous process involving the microwave (that I didn’t want to buy when we gutted the Landfill Chitchen) and a flat spatula.

At least I made sure to specify FLOUR tortillas. Because gluten free tortillas do not ROLL without disintegrating. I know this because of a waaaay pre-COVID shopping misadventure. Read labels, KW! That is all.

P.S. Ugh. Our fave neighborhood pub/steakhouse is temporarily closed because several employees are positive. I may be preaching to the choir here but PEOPLE, WEAR YOUR DAMN MASKS! And don’t dine in. Because you cannot eat through your mask!

4 Responses to “Language, words, and labels matter”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t dine in and I don’t even dine out. I’ve only gotten pizza take out a few times and go to the store rarely. I always wear a mask, and agree 100% with your rant. However, too many people are ignoring the science and what we already know about this virus(not everything!) and I blame them for extending our collective misery. NO other country has such a large number of ignoramuses. It starts at the top.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Ugh! The people who spew “socialism” as if it’s worse than the word “deplorable” makes my blood boil. What do they call trump’s 2020 farm subsidies of $40 BILLION paid for by our taxes? ( You know, because of his tariffs? Is that OK “socialism?” Grrrrr! I’m so weary of people not educating themselves, not listening to the experts/scientists, and attending the orange bloviator’s Nuremberg rallies and spreading this damned virus while the rest of us have our lives on hold.

  3. Robert J Courtois Says:

    What we are seeing is worse than socialism. Listen to Bernie and AOC and then then tell me that is not socialism, if not communism. They have the ear of the democrat party, but Biden is downplaying that since the convention. The world is topsey-turvey in 2020. Don’t get mad at people calling the democrats out for what they are. We SEE what we see.

    Tonya, the farm subsidies are the legacy of generations of politicians redistribution other people’s money. I would not label them “Trump’s”.


  4. kayak woman Says:

    Bob, I see something different. And BTW I am not a Democrat.