Pandemic shopping mishaps and more

First… I have TWO (count ’em) BIG BAGS of Halloween chocolate! I ordered candy from Amazon. I don’t know how I ended up with two! A redux of the double coffee grinder episode from last April? It is the kind of national brand candy that you get at the grocery store, Kit Kat and Reese’s, etc., and yes, some of it has nuts. It is WAAAAY more than we would ever give out to the usually paltry number of trick-or-treaters we get and this year… And we don’t eat all that much candy. I always overbuy for Halloween but this is ridiculous.

Also… Bubble wrap? Anybody else have a huge bubble wrap stash? It isn’t recyclable, at least not around here. In normal times, we can drop it off down on Ellsworth Road but not sure if it’s open. Also, since I don’t know what they do with it, it would be nice to find someone who might actually USE it.

I’m thinking of sucking it up and offering the candy and bubble wrap out on Next Door Neighbor. This makes me nervous for some reason. You are wondering why a person who does a higgledy-piggledy brain dump on the internet every day would be nervous about posting freebies on Next Door Neighbor? I dunno why exactly. We’ll see what I do. We will NOT eat all that candy or use all that bubble wrap.

Re my cousin’s comment yesterday asking about The Comm’s costume. It involved a witch hat and some spooky fabric that I had/have hanging around. But now I’m trying to remember if she was actually able to participate in Halloween festivities or if she MISSED them by landing in the hoosegow. After a looooong life of good health, she became a frequent flyer that fall. I won’t go into the details. It was a horrific time for her and a very chaotic period for me as her only living child residing a five-hour drive away. Multiple emergency rocket trips to the UP and eventually I became stranded there for quite a while, “luxury” camping in her house. We put umpteen gazillion miles on our then-new Frog Hopper (Outback) and spent thousands and thousands of dollars that last year of her life, which FORTUNATELY we (me and the GG) could afford. The spending was for our expenses, traveling to deal with Mom, etc. Mom could afford (thank you Zeus) to pay her own bills.

The GG and The Commander were great friends. As her life grew closer to ending, I was gearing my life up to a new career. We talked about this before I signed on to my job and we both knew it would be hard, at least for a while. The GG had a ton of government paid time off at that point and could drive up to help her with the cabin and whatever or just hang out with her pretty much whenever. I can’t find the words to express how lucky I was to marry this guy, as nuts as he can sometimes drive me…

P.S. Being stranded at The Commander’s house was not all that bad because I had COUSINS to help me out. Some visiting from afar, others emailing in, another in town and available for dinner at restaurants. Back when we went to restaurants. Love y’all.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like strangers knowing where I live or anything about my house, but everyone these days is doing porch drops. Easy and non-contact. I remember those days although I hadn’t realized that you were just starting out in your current career. Hmmm. It was a while ago though and perhaps my memory isn’t razor sharp?