Pandemic Halloween

We did have some trick-or-treaters tonight. Not a lot and not sure if we’re done. We put wrapped chocolates in a big bowl in the driveway with a paper bag luminary in front of it to show people that we had treats.

I managed to get rid of my huge extra bag of candy via next door neighbor. I posted it this morning and put it on my porch. With some trepidation, I posted my address. Sometime around midday I was hanging out and saw an unfamiliar vee-hickle in the street. Being meeeee, I sensed that this vee-hickle was gonna pick up my extra candy. I dived into the back of the house and yes, these folks took my candy. So happy! I edited my post to say that the candy had been taken and removed my address.

Reading stuff on Nextdoor Neighbor, I was a bit nervous about putting candy out at all. I am VERY NERVOUS about COVID but I am not sure it makes a difference if you shoot candy down a chute or hand it to people with tongs or package it up in ziplock bags. YOU have handled it. Seems to me like however you dispense your candy, the best thing for the recipients to do is WASH THEIR HANDS. But this is the Planet Ann Arbor and people tend to overthink things a bit. Sigh.

My mouse has been using my Ninja vee-hickle for a week or so and because I’ve been without a car for a few days (GG was outta town), she has done various grock drops for me. Today she dropped my car off at 0-skunk-30 and walked to work while I was out pitch black walking and I was able to use it to do a Plum market pickup and then take a wee river drive. Mouse/Racoon visited our back yard this afternoon for a pre-5:00 PM ‘hattan. 🧡🧡🧡

3 Responses to “Pandemic Halloween”

  1. Margaret Says:

    LOVE those tights! Very festive. I’ve had about 10 trick or treaters so far. I am masked, they don’t come close and I use tongs to put the candy in their bags. One of my former student’s mom, brother and step-father just tested positive for Covid 19. Her mom has lupus and several other issues. It’s very scary.

  2. Jay Says:

    We had 20 plus, and a lot of fun. Carl made oragami box baseballs, put candy inside, and pitched them to the kids. It was more planned on the time to go out, and stay separated.

  3. Pooh Says:

    We were going to hunker down, but our next door neighbors invited us to a driveway firepit, so we went. We did have some key lime bars to share with them, and watched them toss bags of candy to the trick or treaters. Maybe a dozen or so, but I lost count. As things were winding down, Carolyn nagged her kids into going to the house catty-corner behind them, where they had a firepit going and were projecting “Rocky Horror Picture Show” on the garage door. I watched for a while, then came back to keep Art, Mark, and the fire company. Carolyn and 13 yo Gracie came back a while later when it started getting racier, but I think 15 yo Ethan stayed to watch a bit more.