Chillin’ (or trying to)

I am trying my darnedest to be chill these last couple days before the election. People who have known me since I was three or 16 or 25 or whatever need to remember that that kid is still inside me but it is under many many layers of adulthood and marriage and parenthood. I was what we sometimes call a “spirited” kid and having birthed one of those myself, I have an inside view into what it’s like to raise that kind of beautiful person.

Anyway, we are two days from the 2020 election and I am freaked out that we may have to endure another four years of the Orange Baboon. And yet I was pretty calm today. I finished reading my latest book and did mini-chores in between chapters. How many empty paper bags can one have in one’s living room. There were bags from curbside pickup and bags from Rodent Delivery Service grock drops and I dunno what else. I carefully folded them all up and stashed them into yet another Plum bag for eventual delivery to the Scrap Box. I am working on my third bag of bags now.

We thought we might take ‘hattans over to the Woods House this afternoon but the weather was frickin’ AWFUL all day (high winds and snow showers) and we kind of hunkered down instead. Which was okay with the Woods House residents so all is good.

Instead, we took a ride down “south”, exploring South Lima Center Road. It’s an intermittent road so we had to jog a few times to the west and south to pick it up again. It ends for sure at Bethel Church Road and from there we zigged and zagged a bit and ended up on Bemis Road. GooMaps showed that as closed but we drove it ANYWAY. It was NOT closed and it was a beautiful drive through glacial-type terrain. Do we pronounce it Leema or Lima like lima bean? I do not know. I am guessing we pronounce like the bean here.

Two more days (or whatever). Whatever ism we end up with, I hope it isn’t four more years of Trumpism.

One Response to “Chillin’ (or trying to)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m hoping the same thing you are, but am going to ignore the next few days if I can. My nerves can’t handle the ups and downs.