The trick is to keep breathing

Which I am doing the best I can. After a flurry of work activity at the beginning of the week, things have [temporarily] slowed down a lot. I always have things to do but I was struggling to focus most of today and nothing on my list is urgent.

When Amazon Woman sent an email out that she was taking tomorrow off, I decided to follow suit. I have a fair amount of PTO in use-or-lose status and we are in the midst of an Indian Summer so what the heck. I will put ‘lectric Jack and the skeletorrrrrs away and work on my Saturday Plum grock pickup order. I also have an Argus Farm Stop delivery coming tomorrow. And chores. And I will nervously await election news if we don’t know anything more by tomorrow. I dread waking up and checking Twitter but I suppose the alternative is worse.

Indian Summer has allowed me to hang out in the back yard in the late afternoon, until after the sun sets, which was at 5:25 PM EST today. I took this pic of Pekak. He is named after a story character that one of the beach urchins created in kindergarten. My kids were both morning kindergartners and since the school is basically in our back yard, I was okay with her walking home by herself. One day she didn’t show up and she didn’t show up and she didn’t show up and… I wasn’t really in a panic but there is the Deep Dark Scary Woods between us and the school, so I finally walked over there and in the back door and up to the kindergarten room. She was sitting outside of the room diligently writing a story about a pekak. I could tell that her teacher had been torn between trying to encourage her to leave but also to finish her story. I know the teacher was happy when I arrived and pulled her out of there. Nowadays, I guess the teacher would text me and say “come getchyer kid and encourage her to finish her [damn] pekak story at home.” No cell phones then.

Alas, I am suddenly listening (sorta) to a news story about how Trump could actually win if this and that and the other thing happened. I have always thought that he could win but I was sorta hopeful that he wouldn’t and this news story made me very nervous. Hail Hail Michigan. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

3 Responses to “The trick is to keep breathing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would put nothing past Trump or his minions. I’m still terrified.

  2. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Don’t fret Anne, it’s all over for Bad Orange Man. After all the ballot stuffing and lies, the math just doesn’t work for Trump. People will scream, but it’s over. We are fucked.
    Love ya -Bob

  3. kayak woman Says:

    It isn’t over until it’s over and last I stuck my head up, it wasn’t over. In my opinion, he is not a “good” person and I think we deserve someone who actually demonstrates that they can be at least minimally kind to others. I don’t see that Trump has the capacity for that. As for the ballot stuffing stories, I believe them to be conspiracy theories. Ever talked to a poll worker? As for lies? Trump is the king of liars, if you call shouting out whatever word salad happens to come into your head at any given moment lying. I’m on the fence about that but certainly he doesn’t *care* whether he tells the truth or not. Love you too!