No words…

I didn’t expect to “wake up happy” today and I definitely did not. Talking to MMCB on our weekly virtual Barry Bagels chat usually helps but not today. Not her fault. We generally agree about politics. I just needed to be in a space by myself for a while. But I love my longtime friend so I stuck it out. I met her at the Forsythe Middle School registration when my mouse child and her son were entering sixth grade. Sometimes I can’t believe how long we’ve been meeting for coffee. I didn’t think she was friend material at the time. I mean, there was nothing wrong with *her*! It’s meeee who can be a reluctant friend. She did not give up on me and here we are.

Then my work standup drove me absolutely crazy as everyone was throwing election statistics every which way. They are all in line with my political views but it almost physically hurt to listen to all of that. Well, except for India and they have their own political system and issues.

I tried to avoid Twitter, etc., but it only partially worked.

When the GG left for a North Country Trail boondoggle today, he looked at me and asked if I was all right. NO! I was not. I cannot live in an orange world for another four years. He called me FROM the NCT and asked again. I told him I didn’t really want to talk. Same reason. We talked a short bit anyway and he said something that made me even more upset. (Oh hey, we are not gonna get divorced over this, don’t worry kiddos.) But I am very annoyed that my views do not seem to be taken seriously by him and some of the people in his family. I mean, I was called stupid — TO MY FACE — a while back because I expressed horror at Trump’s blanket application of an Obama immigration policy to separate children from their parents. Stupid? Me? (Or anyone?) Is it because I disagree with you? This relative is normally a good friend of mine and the only thing that saved that conversation was the arrival of another in-law, one who agrees with me politically but also caused the subject to be changed. I moved on but I have not forgotten that conversation.

Nevertheless, I have been called “stupid” a few times in the last four years. To my face. I ain’t the smartest aminal on earth but stupid? Hmmm… That hurts A LOT! Every damn time.

2 Responses to “No words…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a terrible and inaccurate word to use, but unfortunately, we can’t forget it once it’s said. I don’t understand why those people on the right feel so emboldened to name call and belittle. I don’t think I do it to them, but I certainly get it back if I express a different opinion or facts that I have assiduously fact checked. I have lost a lot of respect for many. I’m not OK either.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    That is a CRUEL word! (Made me hopping mad to read that!) Grrrr.

    Also, I’m not OK either.