Oh, not pollyticks for once. It’s my laptop. I mean my personal MacBook Pro laptop. There’s nothing wrong with it per se. It’s just that somehow I managed to hit some combination of keys that made the top toolbar go away until I make it come back. And when I switch apps, they “slide” in and out in a disconcerting way. I do not like this. I cannot figger how to fix it. I used to be able to. I want the top toolbar to be visible at all times, i.e., to “stick”. So I can see the time, etc. I can’t even find the words to google it! Grrrrr…

Pollyticks! Amazon Woman and I always meet on Mondays, a half hour check-in to keep up with what I’m doing/need to do and so we can review anything I might have questions about. We didn’t even GET to that stuff for AT LEAST a half hour because we were talking about guess what? The election, of course. I get the idea that most of the folks I work with were happy with the results of this election but there are some who are not and we bend over backwards to keep political stuff out of our meetings because we LOVE these people. These are good people and valuable employees. We kept pretty quiet this morning but it wasn’t easy and there was a wee bit of I dunno, “something” around the edges of the conversation.

There are a lot of people in the losing party that I will not miss. The Trump family? It goes without saying although Barron is just a kid and I kinda wonder how he will turn out. Kelly McInanity? Somebody please pull her battery out. *I* am out of battery on this train of thought but I’ll make a speshul mention of Michigan’s own Bet$y DeVo$, who among other things is largely anti public education. I don’t have the chops to go there tonight.

I could talk about the Esper “termination”. I don’t know what Esper is all about. I do know that he decided that participating in that Bible walk back in June was not a good thing. This “termination” feels something like, “He (Biden) took my ball and I can’t play now so I’ll yell and cry and swing a big club around”. Sad.

But whatever. I’m cooking a fish dinner and I think I might sit outside to eat it. On November 9! In the dark!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow, outside here is in the 30s right now. I’m inside next to my fire. 🙂 I like that Biden is organizing his pandemic task force and they are all medical experts–not a SINGLE member of his(unqualified) family. That will be refreshing. I am respectful of others although they aren’t as respectful of me. I’m tired of going high when they go so low as to float like a turd in the toilet.