I don’t always do all that well with this whole telecommuting while sharing a house with a pensioner.

He was off on a northern boondoggle for most of last week and today he returned. Along with a whole bunch of cacophony. Specifically, I needed to present at a meeting this afternoon. He picked that particular time to blow leaves RIGHT OUTSIDE THE FRONT DOOR! I COULD NOT HEAR A DERN THING! I put my laptop down and went over to the front door to read him the riot act.

Plus I was twice dropped from the internet earlier in that meeting and had to re-a-start. I was wanting to blame it on the GG’s karma, which has been absent from the Landfill since last Wednesday but in truth, it was very windy here today and a third incident convinced me that we were getting momentary power outages. I did not notice the first two because I was using a laptop and no lights were on. The third one took the radio out, which eventually got my attention. For whatever reason, none of the outages made Gertrude’s clock start blinking.

So, I was sitting outside at lunch time enjoying 70-plus degree weather. The back yard was aswirl with leaves. It wasn’t until I looked at this pic later that I realized we lost most of our leaves today. Those branches were not bare yesterday. Also the street was crazy with landscaping trucks and equipment cleaning up people’s leaves. Oh, not *that* landscaping company 🐽🐽🐽. I am hearing leaf-blowers and lawn mowers going like crazy all around here, even after dark.

Before we had all of our fancy equipment, I remember raking leaves in the dark. That was back when the city scheduled leaf pickups and we put our leaves into the street by whatever means. On scheduled days, they would come around with dump trucks and “loaders” and street cleaners and it was great fun watching it all happen. They stopped doing that a number of years ago and now we either put them out in big compost bins or bags or hire someone to do it. We are DIY about this and use our compost bins. There are folks who say it’s best not to get rid of all those leaves but they have NO CLUE how many leaves we have around here. I think we do use some of them as mulch/compost in our own yard but we cannot use them all.

One Response to “Cacophony”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t get out to rake my leaves in the back and now it’s pouring with a forecast for a rainy week. We are about 20-30 degrees colder than you for a change!