Down the terlet

I haven’t taken any good pics in a couple of days. I have taken ONE pic. It was this morning and it was of the refrigerator magnet that has DTE’s url for what’s going on with the scheduled gas meter replacement prodject in our neighborhood. When I went out for my 0-skunk-30 walk this morning there were all kinds of trucks and things hanging out at the end of the street waiting to start work. I dunno exactly what they got done today or when they’re gonna move the Landfill gas meter but I confirmed that *something* is going on now. If they need to come inside my house for any reason they better damn well be masked and distanced!

You didn’t want to see a pic of a gas/lucky-shuckial company’s url on a refrigerator magnet, so I posted this terlet pic instead. The GG encountered this somewhere on the North Country Trail and it fits how I feel about [some] things today. We won’t talk about how many attempts it took for him to text/airdrop me a FULL-SIZE photo but I eventually got one (and then I of course down-sized it for the web 🐽).

Why am I feeling like we’re down the toilet today? COVID-19 of course. What kicked off my distress was that Chippewa County, my childhood county where I still own property, reported its first two COVID deaths today. Do I know them? Well, who knows? Probably not but this bad news was reported by the Chippewa County Health Department and of course they cannot report names. This followed a letter (shared on facebook by reliable face-to-face yooperland friends) from War Memorial Hospital’s director about their SIX (count ’em) ICU beds being filled up and a lot of complicated stuff about how the northern hospital networks are ALL at or approaching capacity and… I have spent many hours hanging about in War Memorial and I know what that ICU is like. And make no mistake, the medical community up there is top notch. It’s not just some hick place.

Last spring, I was soooo nervous about traveling to the moomincabin in the summer. For a brief period of time our guv #BigGretch prohibited people from traveling between their OWN homes in the Great Lake State. I agreed with her and prepared myself to NOT travel to my childhood cabin (home) for the first time EVER. As it turned out, she rescinded that order and we managed several trips of varying lengths “home” over the summer. We did NOT interact with others except outdoors and at a distance and the GG masked on his occasional trips to hardware stores..

For a long time, the Chippewa County numbers were negligible. Zero or one new every day, etc. Last I looked, there were 40 new cases in a day and I’m afraid to look today. This has all happened in the last week or so. Exponential growth? Yes. This isn’t just happening in my beloved yooperland. It’s personal for me in Chippewa County but it’s happening ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.

Please people, the CDC is making new recommendations. They are encouraging masks and discouraging people from gathering for Thanksgiving and the other upcoming holidays. So please don’t. We are not. It’ll be hard but we have to do this. I don’t blame the Bad Orange Man for the virus but his refusal to take it seriously and lack of leadership has not helped in any way shape or form.

Wear your mask, avoid getting closer to others than six 10 or 20 feet. Don’t dine inside restaurants. Don’t gather for Thanksgiving. Alas.

I know I’m preaching to the choir at least for a few of my regular readers.

Love y’all,
KW 🧡🧡🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not gathering for Thanksgiving but my brother is hosting a get together(I declined) and my parents are intending to go. Family fireworks? I’m hoping not. They are adults and know how I feel–but can’t they read the DAMN newspaper to see how out of control the virus is right now? I am very angry at my Trumpian brother who shouldn’t be inviting my fragile parents in the first place.