Action shot

I love Friday mornings at teleCubelandia. Today was extra speshul because not only did three garbage-y kinds of trucks go by, the gas meter workers were out there again so lots of stuff to watch.

I once posted a pic out my front window on facebook and four garbage carts happened to be out there, just like today. I wan’t focusing on the carts. It was just a random pic out my front window. Maybe it was snowing or something? I dunno. One of my crankier facebook friends was all hot and bothered about all the carts. “Look at all that garbage!”

I mean really. Do people think two baggy old characters like us are putting out FOUR big carts of garbage every week? The two carts on the left are compost carts and they do not go out every week. They go out a couple times in the spring and just about every week in the fall when the leaves start falling. This morning they also had some chicken bones and regular veggie-type compost stuff in them. All “legal”. The next one is for recycle. There’s a whole list of stuff we can throw in there but not batteries or styrofoam egg cartons! Finally, the garbage cart is on the right. It had two bags in it today. One was a half-full bag of kitchen garbage that I put it out because that garbage eventually STINKS, even though we compost almost all food waste one way or another. The other was a little plastic grocery bag from the wastebasket in my “office”.

Even though my troll is a yooper, she should know better. Sault Ste. Siberia doesn’t have as comprehensive pickup services as the Planet Ann Arbor and I don’t know what happens with leaves but there are plenty of places to recycle things.

I remember being totally amazed when we first got trucks with mechanical arms to pick up the carts. Now they are business as usual but still fun. And no, it doesn’t take much 🐽

I gotta go fix the refrigerator. Good night!

3 Responses to “Action shot”

  1. isa Says:

    By refrigerator, do you actually mean “restroom,” or just “refrigerator?”

  2. Margaret Says:

    Fix the refrigerator? Yikes. I have three bins–garbage which I barely fill up to 1/2 on a trashy week, and a once every two weeks yard waste and recycle bins on alternating Mondays. Since I mowed and raked, my yard waste bin is full and HEAVY. I’m good at the tilt and roll method of dragging it out to the curb. My recycle is often only 1/4 full.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Does “fix the refrigerator” mean put a manhattan in the freezer for the man?