Tandem dreams?

I’ve been getting my ducks in a row for pandemic Thanksgiving. Fresh cranberries arrived from Argus yesterday. Mixed nuts and sesame sticks arrived yesterday from nuts.com (I could get sesame sticks from Amazon but I didn’t want two pounds!). A 3-pack of Chex cereals arrived today from Amazon/Sam’s Club. And then I got serious about pre-ordering a turkey from Plum.

In the process of that there was a flurry of Kexting back and forth with my Plum insider, who is going to actually pick my turkey up for me since they don’t do curbside from the catering department. I am not getting a cooked turkey (assuming I ordered correctly😬) but pre-orders come from catering.

Anyway, my insider dreamed that she was at work and a front-end person alerted her that her moooooom (meeeee) had come into the store WITHOUT A MASK! So she was scrambling to find me a mask! Well, I’m not sure exactly when she had this dream but a couple days ago, *I* dreamed that I was in the Plum Market WITHOUT A MASK! I was frantically trying to cover my nose and mouth with my HANDS, which would probably NOT protect me or anyone else from the coronavirus. Are we all just a weeeeee bit stressed?

Then there is this little Landfill news tidbit. The GG Suzy Homemaker was rummaging around in the back room for a while this morning and I didn’t know what was going on and I decided I didn’t really WANT to know, so I was sorta ignoring it. Well. Ahem. This was what was going on and I probably didn’t wanna know… He decided to empty out a wastebasket that doesn’t get a whole lot of use and it turned out that there was a DEAD SQUIRREL in it! He thinks it has been dead since like last March? That brings up a few questions. How did it get in? I have been lazy about closing the screen when I’m outside but that’s when the weather is WARM! And it wasn’t all that warm last spring. This is Michigan, roight? And then there is the all-consuming question: WHY DID WE NOT SMELL it?

The pic is what Mooon Yooonit suddenly decided I needed to see on the dashboard seemingly all on its own last weekend. I did NOT know what to do with that display. What was it telling me? What is BSM? It also took me FOREVER to figger out how to make it go away. I mean, I’m sure I accidentally bumped something to make it show up but, as a UI/UX designer, there needs to be a HOME button on these newfangled dashboard displays. I shouldn’t have to be trying to figger this out while driving. That’s dangerous, no?

3 Responses to “Tandem dreams?”

  1. Mark Says:

    I hope that it was the red one.

  2. Isa Says:
  3. Margaret Says:

    A squirrel? It is amazing that you didn’t smell it and I’m glad it’s gone. We’re going into a 4 week partial (but fairly strict) shut down in WA. And TP and paper towels are getting hard to locate. Sigh. If we’d only done this right we wouldn’t be here AGAIN.