And I forgot my chainsaw

Let’s go for a rain ride! Yeah. A blast of heavy rain was headed our way along with some lightning that never really materialized. In fact, although we started out in extremely heavy rain, by the time we got to the intersection of Huron River Dr. and Zeeb it had slacked off a lot and there was actually some blue sky to the west.

But we couldn’t quiiiite get to that intersection because… I took this pic and a couple hours later saw a very similar one posted on facebook by the county road commission. And no we didn’t have our chainsaw with us but I’m sure the road commission frowns on random citizens cutting deadfall on high traffic roads like Huron River Drive. Old forest roads in the yooperland? I’m sure Chippewa County doesn’t much care who clears them.

Mr. Golden Sun showed his face a few times but mostly it was dark and occasionally dramatic cloud cover and HIGH WINDS! Those were kind of fun for a while but got a bit tiresome late in the afternoon.

All in all, not a very exciting day and I wasn’t very productive except for Mother’s March on Leftovers. Not that we’re having leftovers tonight exactly. I have a nice piece of salmon and some rice and collard greens. But there is part of a fancy-ish squash that I was intrigued by but is WAAAAAY too big for us and I’m sautéing some mushrooms that the GG bought last week and didn’t cook all of, not knowing how much they shrink when cooked. But gotta get the refrigimatator cleaned out before Thanksgiving even though it’ll just be two of us.

I read somewhere on the internet (so it must be true, roight?) that 38% of the people in some poll said they were planning to get together with family for the holiday. Whether these people are isolating ahead of time, etc., I don’t know. Both of my adult children have been VERY careful but one of them goes to her office a couple days a week and the other works in a grocery store. Fortunately we are all ADULTS and nobody is guilt-tripping anyone about not having a Hallmark Holiday.

What DOES annoy me is all of the folks on facebook who are posting pics with friends and relatives where no one is wearing a MASK! This is frightening to me. If it’s a pic from two years ago SAY SO! If everyone in the pic has been strictly isolating before the meetup, SAY SO! I feel an incoherent rant coming on so I’ll stop now.

One Response to “And I forgot my chainsaw”

  1. Margaret Says:

    With promising vaccines in the works, we seem to be on the “home” stretch but numbers are going up so much that intelligent, caring and careful people are hunkering down. I will be alone for Thanksgiving, but my parents will be at my brother’s, against my wishes. I could post an incoherent rant here, but will stop writing now.