Moonshaaan run

I had big plans for today including cleaning out the refrigimatator. Oh, not that it’s all that dirty or overfilled. It just seems to be a good thing to do the weekend before a holiday, even one that we are spending at home alone.

The GG had another idea… How about if we drive over to the northeastern corner of Indiana and pick up some moonshine at Gays? Say what? I made some feeble protests at first but then my brain processed that he was offering me A ROAD TRIP! I needed one.

Apparently “we” needed some moonshine. I’m sure we could find moonshine at backwoods stills somewhere in the Great Lake State but what he was really looking for was Everclear, which I don’t THINK can be purchased in Michigan. And NO NO NO NO, nobody here is gonna be chugging Everclear. It will last for YEARS.

Anyway, I got a couple of fridge shelves cleaned up, picked up some curbside grocks at Plum and finished a small load of laundry and I was good to go. We took a beautiful trip on back roads through Michigan and Ohio to Angola, Indiana and back. Sooooo much fun.

Another reason “we” zeroed in on Angola was that there is a small chain of liqwire stores called “Gays”. We have a wonderful sister-in-law named Gay. She has been married to the GG’s identical twin since years before we were married and although she and I are not alike in a lot of ways, she is one of my best friends in life.

So part of this road trip was to buy liqwire at a store named Gays and take a pic (I do not know why there isn’t an apostrophe). I did not go inside the store. I do not go inside stores. The GG wore a mask. Most people I saw go in were wearing masks. I saw one guy who walked right up to the door without a mask and then I *think* he put one on. I saw another guy exit without a mask, unless he whipped his off the nanosecond he exited. The GG reported that the store personnel were all politely masked and following other protocols. We were in Trump country but most people were compliant with the virus’s rules.

Besides the Everclear, the GG bought a package of Lima-ritas. On our way home, we found the “corner” where Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana meet. We stopped there to take a picture of the marker and drink a Lima-rita. I’ll post a pic of the marker tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Moonshaaan run”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Everclear reminds me of college and not in a good way. I never willingly drank it, but people would slip it into punch and then the punch would pack a huge punch. Not pleasant. I need a road trip too. A change of scenery is always nice.

  2. Jay Says:

    We used to buy everclear to make Kahlua, in Michigan. Then I moved to Colorado and couldn’t buy it anymore, so had to buy the real stuff. I had the recipe for years, but it may have been recycled in a relatively recent recipe organization.