Three corners marker up close and personal in the middle of beautiful nowhere

Middle of nowhere except that the Indiana Toll Road is a couple moiles away🐽

First a clarification on yesterday’s post. The moonshine aka Everclear was purchased because it is an ingredient in the fuel for the GG’s Stirling engine. It is not for drinking. I sorta knew that but never got around to asking.

I don’t touch the stuff myself. I think I have sampled a shot of the fancy flavored stuff they make nowadays but it really isn’t my cuppa. Once when I was a teenager, I went to a party with my boyfriend (not Bad Boyfriend) and at that party a couple of his then knuckle headed friends had obtained some moonshine from somewhere. They got so wasted that, well, the details are too gross even for this blahg. Code brown.

One of those then knuckleheads went by the nickname “Foot” and I’ll leave you to ponder that for now. I do have to report that he did GROW UP to attain a significant military rank. (I know that from my mother.) I’m guessing he is now retaaaaared in some kinda fancy digs somewhere. (I’m guessing that if mom knows anything about that, she ain’t sayin’.) I suppose I could look all of these folks up on Facebook but in general I think looking up old boyfriends and their friends/family on Facebook is not a productive hobby. So I don’t.

It’s a good thing we took our little road trip yesterday. I normally like to save road trips for Sundays for whatever reason. But yesterday was a GORGEOUS day for driving with beautiful sunshine and dry roads the whole way. Alas, the S word was floating about. A lot like the coronavirus. I woke up around 4:00 AM to use the water closet and it may have been raining but nothing outside was white. By the time I got up (around six) to take my 0-skunk-30, the white crapola was coming down. Fortunately I had dredged up some Yax and attached them to a pair of shoes last evening so I was good to go.

Old Man Winter has thrown a few minor snowballs at us but this was our first “winter storm” for the year. It was pretty wimpy. Walking at 0-skunk-30 was kind of crappy but overall, the temps hovered in the low 30s and the streets and sidewalks were mainly wet for most of the day. But we’ve only just begun.

2 Responses to “Three corners marker up close and personal in the middle of beautiful nowhere”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know what a Stirling engine is, so I’ll look it up. Extreme drunkenness leads to all sorts of awful behavior and other incidents. Snow already? Ashley has already had some where she lives although it didn’t stay. It looks like Alison might get some the week after next. We’re into a rainy period here after a beautiful day yesterday.

  2. Mark Says:

    Actually, there are only two corners there. (MI, OH) The IN corner is about 4 miles further north. The IN state-line is a straight line where of you speak. 😉