I cannot take credit for discovering this old word (do the Google). I read it on another person’s blahg. I am not gonna link to that blog because the blogger feels pretty much the same way about the Orange Baboon as I do and she was quite, um, colorful(?) today in writing about him. She is usually more measured but so many of us are at the Absolute End (quoting my late aunt Bubs, 1966 or so) and I felt like she was letting off some of the steam I also wanted to let off. It was a GREAT entry and I have often puzzled about why Trump’s mouth looks so weird when it’s in that O shape and now I know why (but we won’t talk about the Purple Eye). I (unfortunately) have some Trumpers in my small audience and I will not be a party to them potentially trolling her.

But hey, my own lifelong state, the Great Lake State aka Michigan, CERTIFIED our election results today after a bit of a nail biting week. Calls from tRump and flights to DC and Dom Perignon at some Trump hotel? Will that sway them? But I read “fake news” (or so I am often told) so who knows if the certification is true or not. I’m choosing to believe it.

One of yesterday’s commenters reminded me that Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana do not meet at a “corner” exactly. He is correct that they don’t. But there is a place where the three states meet and I am geometrically challenged about how to describe how they meet. I did appreciate the correction.

AND… We have owned Mooon Yoonit for over a year now and I have not crossed a border in it so I was astounded when a PINNNNGGG sounded and a voice welcomed us to Indiana (and then Ohio and finally back to Michigan). I think we need that technology to extend to crossing the Big Mac into the yooperland and back. “Welcome to god’s country [heavenly chimes]”, “Welcome back to Trollandia [sinister laugh]”.

Oh, do NOT get me wrong. Our whole state is beautiful, even the industrial and run-down parts. I am bi-peninsular and I love all of it 🧡🧡🧡

3 Responses to “Snollygoster”

  1. jane Says:

    ah yes, the ‘absolute end’.

    did you see the screen shot of Fox News that had labeled the UP as Canada? Breaking News indeed.

  2. Mark Says:

    Yeah! Michigan saved the union!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Thank you, MI!! Or are you actually MN? (joke, do you get it?) Speaking of fake news. I would love to read that blogger’s post if you wouldn’t mind sending me the link. Is it anyone I know?