Not gathering

So something like 10 years ago, the GG and I walked down to the Oscar Tango for dinner the night before Thanksgiving. We sat at the bar. Our server made the statement that the bars got CRAZY on Thanksgiving’s Eve. As she was speaking, someone came in the door making loud jungle aminal noises. I said, “It’s starting early.” It was all fun. We left well before things got REALLY CRAZY because we uh, don’t [usually] stay up late.

It all reminded me of hanging out at the Alphaaaaa (a Sault St. Siberia barroom) with the Mean Old Grunchy Old Grinch and Ozone Jim a gazillion years ago and somebody started making jungle aminal noises. Actually, it was probably Ozone Jim. Wonder what ever happened to him. Probably wearing a MAGA hat somewhere. Or dead. I prefer to think of him in a MAGA hat if I only have those two choices. He was a sweet gentle hippie-type young man with long red hair back in the day…

The Grinch is my beloved cousin and I see him at the moomincabin in the summer. Or did before COVID. The Grinch is the antithesis of a MAGAt but somehow manages to live among those who are and ferries some of them to the construction employment he provides for them. They often can’t drive themselves because DUIs (and poverty, JEEBUS). I get the feeling that he sometimes drags them out of bed. How many of our fancy trickle-down CEOs are providing these kinds of services to their employees? Huh?

The bars are not gonna be crazy this Thanksgiving Eve. Our Oscar Tango and Sault Ste. Siberia’s Alpha. Alas.

My Wednesday morning FaceTime call from MMCB1 came in as usual. But there was ANOTHER person on it. Yay! It was MMCB2. She hasn’t been able to call in for months as she takes care of the two local children who know her as Bubbe. So much fun to touch in with her again. These are women I’ve been meeting up with since our kids were in middle school. Like the MI-OH-IN “corner”, we didn’t exactly meet up in a nice neat corner (one was from the alternative middle school, the other from Forsythe) but these are two of the people who DID NOT GIVE UP on being friends with meeee. Because I am a sorta weird person. Not anti-social exactly, just awkward, i.e., not always sure what the heck might come outta my mouth next so frequently afraid to open it. But also not afraid to speak up if I see people doing the WRONG THING!

2 Responses to “Not gathering”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A very different and quiet holiday, that’s for sure!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Not being much of a barfly, I was surprised to hear that T-day Eve is a big bar night. They were talking about it on the news last night, too. I think I was always in too much of hurry to get home, to go out to the bars at Moo U. I’ve done Friday Happy Hours with fellow workers at various times, but don’t remember if we made a bigger deal before T-day.