Turkey day rambling

There’s always so much angst about the holidays, especially the winter holidays. Thanksgiving 2020 is in the damn books now and I guess we can move on? Maybe?

As much as I love to get together with relatives for turkey day, I have to say it was kinda nice to not have to do the usual amount of cooking. I did my usual holiday eggs benedict this morning (tday and xmas) but instead of having to manhandle 8-10-whatever eggs, it was only four. Which was kinda whew.

Because of pandemic food ordering, we ended up with a 15 pound turkey, which is a bit bigger than I would’ve bought if I had been over at the store eye-balling the birds. I have bagged the umpteen gazillion pounds of leftover meat. Making turkey tetrahedron tomorrow and will freeze the rest and pull it out whenever.

I cooked smaller amounts of side dishes and didn’t really do most of them ahead of time like I usually do. I mean, I work here at the Landfill nowadays so I can put things on to cook while I am working, although I took yesterday off because use-or-lose…

We use our gas grill to cook our Thanksgiving turkey which leaves Gertrude’s ovens free to roast brussel sprouts and keep things warm.

So here we are out here in the Landfill back yard burning pieces of wood and leaves. You can’t see me but I am bundled up in my Smartwool balaclava and leggings.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I look forward to spending holidays with relatives again one of these days.

2 Responses to “Turkey day rambling”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Even my 4 pound turkey breast was too much for the three of us. Turkey left overs are yummy though. Mari will approve. We had brussels sprouts too, cornbread dressing, and pecan pie. It was very quiet with just my parents and me. We usually have 5-10 people and I missed my daughters even though it’s rare that we’re together for Thanksgiving anyway.

  2. Mouse Says:

    The resident raccoon was just spotted nibbling a wee treat, composed of leftover chicken and cranberry sauce on an English muffin