Africa Bound

I haven’t been told this in any official capacity but according to Mouse’s blahg, her application to spend a semester abroad in Senegal next year has been accepted. Not that I thought that it wouldn’t be since she is anything but a screw-off at school. I do not know any of the details at this time. She’ll be leaving in the fall, that is all. If you want to know more, check with her. 😉

Another traveler to Africa leaves in the near future. My cousin Aimée is taking off soon to Zimbabwe and other points. She’s an accomplished mbira player (she plays a good assortment of other musical instruments too) but that’s not her only reason for heading over there. Grok grok GROK! No, Froog, you *definitely* cannot go to Zimbabwe! Kee-reist! Just settle down there in your laundry basket!

Anyway, African-bound gals? You go!!!

2 Responses to “Africa Bound”

  1. jane Says:

    I’m going to Bali in November. but it’s just for vacation – not to learn much or ‘do good’. just to ‘be’ for a couple weeks. 😉

    However I am very impressed by my ‘sisters’ upcoming plans. Rock on and we’ll expect lots of pictures!

  2. Webmomster Says:

    oooh! you’ll have to do a “guest blahg” about Bali!!! Sounds like we’ll all have to do a “travel swap” over the next few years and play on the experiences of ALL the “sisters”!!

    ‘Course, all I can think of with “Bali” is “South Pacific”… cannot possibly be the same.