Imelda Marcos Lives Here

chacos.jpgIt was time! The Commander will be overjoyed to know that I bought new sandals the other day. Boy what an ordeal. I went to Bivouac and the young whippersnapper clerk was nice enough but why the heck can I not buy a new pair of sandals without going through a whole bunch of technical crapola. I’m gonna *walk* in these shoes. It’s a low-tech activity. I’ve been buying Tevas for about the last umpteen gazillion years and they’ve always been just fine, well except when I totally wear them out like I did with my most recent pair. Now all of a sudden they are apparently passé, replaced with Chaos Chacos and Keens and what-not. I was subjected to a long discourse on the springiness (or whatever) of each brand’s sole and forced to test them all out with my hand. I could tell a difference but I could not for the life of me figure out whether it would have anything to do with my feet! I think he liked the Keens the best. I didn’t share his opinion. They had closed toes. I like my toes to be flapping in the breeze. I’m so hard-core that Rifka once kicked me out of the set shop at STAC for wearing sandals in there. I’m the one who used to harass the set construction folks about making sure they wore closed-toed shoes in there. Anyway, after a bunch of futzing around that I can’t even begin to describe, I settled on some Chacos. I put them on. Whippersnapper had to go and talk to the *manager* because he didn’t think they *fit* me right! Something about my instep being too high. WTF? *Maybe* it was because I was wearing great big thick polartech socks.

Anyway, I now have four pairs of shoes: my new Chacos, some cute little black shoes with beads, “dress” sandals The Comm sent me once, and green sequined flip-flops. I think a male Imelda Marcos is filling up the other 7/8ths of the closet with shoes.

And the Chacos fit me just fine and I love walking in them. So there.

Oops. I have *five* pairs of shoes. Forgot about the purple crocs standing at the ready by the back door.

3 Responses to “Imelda Marcos Lives Here

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Chacos, here I come!! Since Teva gave up on that particular design (well, OK, they sort kept it, but with EXTRA ga-zinta that I have no desire to deal with), and since Gadget ATE the orange sandal out of my mis-matched (but comfy) left-foot-orange, right-foot-blue Teva Greckos – I have not worn sandals because I canNOT comfortably wear the “traditional” Teva style.

    YAY!! Bananne has found a potential substitute for *my* sandal!!!!! Woo-Hoo!! Bivouac, here I come (one-a these days!! They open on Sunday???)

  2. mouse Says:

    i have tennis shoes (need new ones), birkenstocks, rain boots, and some green flat. and that’s it.

  3. Valdemort Says:


    Val needs to downsize: Merrel moc-thingies, Mizuno running/marching shoes, Nike Free running shoes, old green Kangaroos, ratty Old Navy flip-flops, silver formal *heels,* monster foot slippers with big black claws, a brand-new pair of Vasque hiking boots that I’m trying to break in as quickly as possible, Tevas *somewhere,* and a few various tattered pairs of things I use for mowing or gardening or other generally dirty activities.