Gas meters and more

A better pic? Those who responded to yesterday’s question thought it looked like a broken tree or maybe bent. It is not but it was a TERRIBLE picture with all kinds of glare from my LED light strings. As you can see, this is an xmas ornament in the shape of a tree with the Great Lake State cut out in the middle of it. What was wrong with yesterday’s pic was that Michigan was flipped horizontally so that the yooperland peninsula jutted off to the east instead of the west. The Uncly Uncle gave this to me a couple years ago and I love it so much I display it year-round.

As the GG’s identical twin, the UU is my bestest brother-in-law, even though we don’t much agree on polly-ticks🐽. I love my other b-i-ls too, make no mistake, FlaMan and JimC and the two (Gary and Don) who no longer walk this earth.🧡

New gas meter today. How exciting. Not really. It did mark the first time a true outsider entered the Landfill since before you-know-what. We and our family and friends have been VERY strict about gatherings, meeting very distanced in the back yard and masked for bathroom trips into the house. In the beginning my mouse wouldn’t even come inside for the bathroom, P-ing between the She-Shed and the neighbor’s fence. We have all relaxed a weeeeee bit, at least about that if not other things, and I’m okay with people using Eco-Terlet now.

Part of the process to install a new gas meter was that our furnace and water heater were shut off for an hour and a DTE person had to come in the house to make sure they got turned back on without any issues. Our guy was great, masked and friendly. Later in the day I saw a local HVAC business’s truck in the street, its driver talking to the gas meter guys. I surmised that DTE had probably contracted with them in case anyone’s gas appliances did not successfully turn back on. That’s a good thing and this seemed overall to be a particularly well-run infrastructure upgrade prodject.

This is our third gas meter. When we first moved in here, the meter was in the basement. I was a wee bit nervous then about letting “men” into my house when I was alone with my newborn daughter but our meter reader was woman-friendly enough to dispel those fears. What I DIDN’T like was that every time the thermostat got to the point of kicking on the furnace, I could hear it before I could feel the heat/hear the blower because the gas meter would start SQUEAKING. I prefer cold temperatures for sleeping and although the GG agrees with me nowadays it was a battle back then.

At some point an outdoor gas meter replaced that squeaky old thing and I didn’t have to deal with people coming in my house any more. I’m not exactly sure what the most recent change does for us. I’m guessing they don’t have to send meter readers around at all any more? Or are they installing something more “sinister” as some of the conspiracy theorists around here have posited. “Microwaves” to mess with our brains? Something to do with 5G? I do not know! And I don’t particularly care.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m supposed to get a new one too, but I haven’t heard exactly when or what the procedure is. I like to sleep cold too and always have my bedroom window open, even when it’s cold. (may not be much–but I love the fresh air)