What’s wrong with this picture? 🐽

I took this picture a couple years ago. I posted it on Instagram (then) and LEFT IT THERE for 24 hours without noticing the issue.

I am recycling old pictures a lot this month because I am not getting much of anything interesting. It is pitch black when I walk in the morning. It’s been graaaaayyyy ALL weekend and I haven’t gone anywhere except for curbside pickups. The gas meter prodject provides a lot of activity in the street from time to time but it’s not all that photogenic. I guess I could’ve taken a pic of the fugliness under the Landfill Chitchen sink today but you didn’t really want to look at rodent crapola did you?

I’ve been picking away at cleaning out drawers and cupboards in the chitchen for the last couple weeks and this is the first place I’ve noticed evidence of mus musculus. The remaining question is why, since I deal with under-the-sink for one reason or another EVERY day, I didn’t notice it before today. The GG whipped into a nearby phone booth, changed into his Supermouse costume, cleaned the whole mess up, and set the traps. I don’t do Mickey Control except for two historic incidents that are too much for today. (Like no, I guess I can’t really call my husband to come home from work to deal with this so WOMAN UP, KW!)

We have always had an intermittent rodent problem in this house. The mice come in, the mice go out. The mice [don’t usually] play pinochle on my snout. We would notice droppings or sometimes even sight an actual Scurry Mouse (as opposed to Puffalump Mouse and hey Mrs. Pratt, did I use “sight” correctly there?). The GG would set traps and put a little dead mouse face for each mouse caught on the dry erase board I used to have on the fridge back then. There were experiments with live traps along the way and I can also remember My Old Coot sprinkling diazinon along the perimeter of the house. Yes, I knooooowww. But it got rid of the ants that we haven’t really had since and the mice too, at least for a while. I’m trying to remember if my dad was actually wearing a face mask as he sprinkled.

Since we gutted our fugly old 70s-era chitchen six years ago, we haven’t had as many rodents. I don’t exactly know why.

2 Responses to “What’s wrong with this picture? 🐽”

  1. Pooh Says:

    I found it! Finally. It took me almost as long as those “Find 6 differences between these pictures” in the intellectual pages.

    I’m still a little confused about the tree, though. It looks like it should be flat, but isn’t.

  2. Margaret Says:

    It’s a broken red tree–that’s all I can see! Never had a mouse, but I do have a cat. That could be a deterrent. Diazinon may have a bad rep but it WORKED. I miss that stuff, dangerous though it was.