I’m trying…

I’m trying to grab onto a bit of xmas spirit. Today I planned to decorate the tree that the GG got and put up on Friday and put out my Santa collection. I didn’t get either of those things done but I did manage to de-clutter the front living room, enough that Roooooomba could run pretty much everywhere, i.e., no boxes or bags on the floor anywhere.

I am now working on a FOURTH bag of bags. For YEARS, I backpacked my grocks from the Plum. When I drove somewhere for grocks, I brought my own Chico bags or whatever. When I do curbside pickup from the Plum they very carefully pack my grocks into double paper grocery bags. Problem? You know what the problem is. Go back to the first sentence in this paragraph. (And do NOT get me wrong, the Plum curbside pickup is the BEST and I LOVE those folks!)

I *could* just throw these bags in the recycle cart and for a while, I was doing that. But they are beautiful, pristine bags so it’s a little hard to send them to wherever for whatever they do with them. The Scrap Box has advertised that they accept paper grocery bags but their rules for donating things are a bit unclear to me at the moment. Yes, Garbage Woman is falling down on the job. I reorganized that mess today and put it in another room besides the front living room.

I *did* turn on the lights today! I mean I plugged in the string of multi-colored xmas lights that has been along the front overhang for YEARS. People say things like, “It was warm out this weekend so I put up the xmas lights”. I always reply with, “Yeah, I plugged mine in.” So that’s what I did today. Late in the afternoon after the gloomiest day on earth. I don’t get depressed but this was a little much. On days like this, I actually love the dark at the beginning and end of the day.

The lights in the pic? Xmas morning 2011 at The Commander’s house in Sault Ste. Siberia. She was living at Freighter View assisted living then (but still owned her house) and this turned out to be her last xmas but we won’t go there today. We drove up there with our contingent of her grandchildren to cook xmas dinner for her in her house. I’m sure she was totally p*ssed off that she hadn’t cooked it herself. We put up a string of xmas lights on her front window and this is a pic I took when I was up early and enjoying a few quiet minutes of Moom Alone.

2 Responses to “I’m trying…”

  1. Jay Says:

    We take our bags of bags to the local food bank. They use them along with our empty egg cartons

  2. Margaret Says:

    Today I really wanted to have an Xmas tree and my decorations out but it’s too late now. And it really wouldn’t help me be any less depressed. It sounds like you got a lot of pre-decorating done. For me that usually includes vacuuming too for some reason. It’s a waste of time since I get a real tree which almost immediately drops needles. Must be psychological.