Flashing white and lime green…

Those are not the first colors I knew. I think the first colors I knew the names for were red and green. Xmas related? I’m not sure but probably. These were followed by yellow and blue and until I got to kindergarten, whenever I thought about colors, my brain went red-green-yellow-blue. Kindergarten opened me up to rainbow colors. I am not an indigo fan, at least not in rainbow colors.

A year or so after that, my lovely and talented teenage cousin Sally, who ended up formally studying art and teaching it, added a whole bunch more rainbow colors to my palette via the 64-crayon Crayola box. Red, Orange Red, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow Orange, Orange Yellow… Maybe you get the idea? I bet she doesn’t remember teaching me about that but I sure do.

I made many crayon “designs” cycling through those colors and was not a happy camper when Crayola “retired” some of them or renamed them with “sexy” names. Like Razzle Dazzle Rose and (HEY) Electric Lime. I was well into adulthood and parenthood by that time but what the heck? They messed with my System! I’m gonna bet it’s possible to buy the original colors on eBay or somewhere but I have enough crapola around here.

I *think* we’re doing virtual Oscar Tango tonight. The GG is rattling around up north somewhere. Yes, again. It’s okay (as long as he doesn’t bring the damn virus home) because I get a chance to be spacified this weekend.

The photooo is a picture from last December over at the House of Porterization. We had JP’s wonderful chili there and I think we did BYOB or something like that. I actually have a pic of their tan and only bathroom from that night which I will not share. Really, the only reason I took a pic of it was because it was a copy of my old blue and only bathroom except in tan and in better shape than mine was. I have heard of a pink “colorway” of this bathroom. Maybe there are others.

We are obviously not gathering in person this year and I am not sure how this turned into a color post but somehow it did. Sometimes I just start randomly blathering and I end up where I end up.

We did do virtual Oscar Tango and as a bonus, we also got to hang out a bit with the Uncly Uncle and The Beautiful Gay, who was driving the getaway car. 🧡🧡🧡

3 Responses to “Flashing white and lime green…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I loved that big box of crayons and all the exotic shades in it. We’re planning a virtual game playing night on Xmas eve, which requires some practice with House Party.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Tan is nice and so is blue!

  3. Pooh Says:

    And don’t forget that electric pink, known as MAGNETA! I had gotten that color misspelled in my head, so pronounced the way I spelled it. I was embarrassed and my dad was amused when he heard me pronounce it, and more so by my explanation!