I think hope we’re done having fun for a while

Man oh man, what a busy and EXPENSIVE day! You don’t want to know about the work stuff but the automotive vee-hickle crapola may be of more general interest.

So, where were we? We took the Frog Hopper in for suspension work LAST WEEK! They ordered the WRONG PARTS TWICE. It was FINALLY done today so the GG walked over there to pick it up. But. It was still making the rattling noise that was the original reason to take it in. Sooooo. He took it back. It needs further work but that has been ruled non-critical. BUT. They had failed to tighten up some bolts… … … It is now back home just for the record.

If you’ve been playing along for any length of time, yes, the Frog Hopper was once our vee-hickle. We keep vee-hickles FOREVER and it is now 10 years old with more miles on it than I am strong enough to count. A beach urchin owns it now. We (mainly the GG) were involved in this repair because she is an essential worker (grocery and yes they ARE essential) and the GG is, well, one of his alternate monikers is The Pensioner. Meaning that he has more time to deal with this crapola than she does. Not to mention that he knows cars inside and out and is a MAN so doesn’t take any bullsh*t from mechanics. That shouldn’t still be a THING but it IS. Alas.

And then there is my loverly Ninja, who needed brakes. Even this normally mundane repair turned into a bit of an odyssey. The GG took Ninja over to the Honda dealer and THEY HAD TO ORDER SOME PARTS! Apparently this is a theme. I dunno if it’s related to the pandemic or not. Anyway, after he 1) picked up the Frog Hopper 2) took it back and came home again, he walked over to Honda to get the Ninja. No issues with the Ninja, knock on wood.

Oh yeah, and yesterday we got a recall notice on Mooon Yooonit for fuel pump issues that may cause stalling. They do NOT have a fix for that yet. AWESOME, as some people say. Automotive vee-hickle issues are never ending. But we knew that.

My fave vee-hickle manufacturer remains Honda. Subaru makes great cars but if you own them forever (like we do) the dealer doesn’t really like to schedule you for repairs. Toyota is still an unknown because our first Toyota is a 2019. It was my late automotive engineer brother who steered us toward Honda in the first place and my all-time favorite car was the Dogha, our 2001 Honda Accord. And my brother worked for GM.

The pic is from sometime last year ago when I was stuck in snow and traffic on my drive home, in Mooon Yooonit at a standstill.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love my Subaru, but originally wanted a Toyota RAV4. However, I didn’t like the visibility or handling when I drove it, nor the color choices. (I know, frivolous reason!) I liked the Honda I test drove but it was the most expensive of the three. I don’t know how working people deal with car issues. It’s messy and annoying even if one is retired–or married to a retiree. Hope they are all fixed soon!