Back in the day… You know, when we went downtown and shopped

Yes, this is an old photoooo. Probably 2016 judging by my iPhone. It was a 6S and that PINK Mophie charging case was a perfect fit.

Anyway, I *think* this pic is in 10,000 Villages downtown on the Planet Ann Arbor. Oh, the good old days when we could walk downtown on a Saturday, have lunch at the Griz and, during the xmas season, we would wander the Planet Ann Arbor shops for trinkets and things for the beach urchins. We are *obviously* not doing that this year.

And those WERE the days. One of the things my cousin Julie and I were able to reminisce about during our phone call yesterday was the good old J.L. Hudson department downtown Detroit store. We both loved to shop there and The Commander worked there as a buyer after college. Julie really lit up when I told her I remembered Northland Mall. It probably wasn’t the first mall in the country but it was very early and an easy Hudson’s satellite store for folks not living in downtown Detroit to get to. I have a pic of me with Santa there when I was a very small child, maybe three. I’m not sure if I remember that or not. I think I remember some of the bling at least. I’ll have to look for the pic.

I loved to shop for quite a bit of my life. At some point in time I just got taaarred of the whole acquisitional lifestyle. I am struggling with xmas this year but I have some ideas and we will get through this.

One Response to “Back in the day… You know, when we went downtown and shopped”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Christmas is always a struggle for me since I hate to shop. But because I’m not doing so, I miss going out and looking at the decorations and buying a few trinkets to give as gifts. And I long to see more people!