I married an axe murderer

A quick and dirty pic of our first indoor faaarrrr of the year. December 15. That’s late. I could be wrong but based on certain furtive activities by the GG, I think a big green holiday artifact might be lurking outside somewhere.

Other than that, I sure had an interesting day. It was interesting in the TeleCubelandia sense but we won’t talk about that because it wouldn’t be interesting to y’all. I did invoke the LSCHP’s name a few times, hoping he wasn’t somehow listening in to the convo because we were making a change to one of his signature designs 🐽

Toward the end of my work day, my phone lit up with a Canadian number. I hesitated for a moment but then realized it was Julie, my first cousin once removed. She is my mother’s cousin and I have never met her, although I did meet her younger brother back when I was a little kid. Her mom and granddad were commonly mentioned people in my childhood years. Aunt Lillian and Grandpa Lathers.

Her birth crossed paths with Emily’s death, the grandmother I never met. Emily drove her sister Lillian (who lived across the street in their Detroit area neighborhood) to the hospital to give birth to Julie. On her way home my grandmother Emily was killed in a car crash. I had put this together before from newspaper clippings but it wasn’t something that The Commander talked about that I remember, at least not to me. I’m not sure how we got onto that particular topic but I was happy to hear the story in Julie’s words.

Julie remembers my mom and her siblings with great fondness. They were quite a bit older (The Comm was 15 when Julie was born) and treated her with love and kindness. That leads me to believe that they didn’t displace blame for their mother’s death on her and that is a good thing. But that’s how my family(ies) operate.

Although I grew up knowing my MacMu cousins and encountered a few more distant relatives, Julie and I have never met before. I attribute this to The Commander’s marrying my dad and moving to the yooperland AND Julie’s marriage to a Canadian man and subsequent move.

We had a great time talking and have quite a bit in common, music and writing being a couple of them although she is actually a published author. I was touched when she told me my voice sounded like my mom and aunt Charlotte, both Julie’s cousins. I also found her voice to be familiar. I have encountered this phenomenon with my FinFam cousins too…

Here’s to the good parts of the internet, the ones that help us get in touch with relatives that might otherwise be lost to us forever.

Love y’all, KW 🧡🧡🧡

P.S. I may not have known my MacMu biological grandmother but I grew up with Bolette who married my granddaddy a year or so before I was born and was a wonderful step-grandmother. My new-found cousin Julie liked her too.

6 Responses to “I married an axe murderer”

  1. Mark Says:

    Should I feel threatened?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I dunno. Did you marry an axe murderer? 😉

  3. GG Says:

    Two British soldiers sitting in a ditch. One called the other a dirty son of a beaver, a beaver, sitting on a rock… along came a bumble bee and stung him on his cockster of ginger ale, 10 cents a glass. If you don’t like it, I’ll kick you in the axe me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies. If you ever get hit by a bucket of shit be sure to close your eyes.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    1) I have edited the GG’s comment about three times to make sure it says what he wants it to say.
    2) I didn’t mean “axe” to refer to anyone’s surname. Without thinking, I used that spelling variant to refer to the ax implements in the pic, not that they are all that easy to see given the poor lighting in the pic.


  5. Margaret Says:

    I think it’s interesting how voices can be inherited. Alison has my deep voice and many people think I sound exactly like my mom on the phone. (not in real life though) I’m glad that the family assigned no blame because that must have been a tough situation for all involved.

  6. Pooh Says:

    I feel like I know the tune for Bill’s song. We had a 45 with similar lyrics.

    Miss Lucy had a steamboat, her steamboat had a bell.
    Miss Lucy went to heaven, but her steamboat went to…
    Hello Operator, give me number nine.
    If you won’t, I’ll kick you right in your…
    Behind the refrigerator, there was a piece of glass.
    Miss Lucy fell upon it and she cut her little…
    Ask me no more questions, I’ll tell you no more lies!

    I wonder if Harry still has that record?