B and B and V

I won’t blahg about those things today except to say (about the first B) I wonder what the Orange Baboon will try next, now that he’s lost, hmm, I guess it is twice?

Let’s talk books instead. I set up a 2020 Goodreads challenge for 100 books and I think I’m into my 106th right now? I am ending 2020 by alternating between the Dublin murders and the Jackson Brodie detective series. In the last half of 2020, I have read a lot of books set in the British Isles, beginning with the whole Poldark series, set in Cornwall. Although my documented ancestors are mainly Scot and Irish, this is random but I’m loving it.

I’m thinking about what to read in 2021 and in the midst of a bunch of Kexting with my daughters today, someone mentioned an old Kurt Vonnegut book. I read a lot of sci-fi in high school and this was a great book and I was suddenly hit with the idea of incorporating a lot of re-reading into my reading “plan”, which is usually a sort of higgledy-piggledy whaddo I wanna read next kind of thing. Maybe this year I’ll alternate re-reads with new reads. It could work, right?

One of the first things that comes to mind is Asimov’s Foundation trilogy. Another is Earth Abides but that’s a pandemic book and I’m not sure I’m quiiite up to it just now. Maybe if V works out, I’ll be ready by next fall.

Veering away from sci-fi, I’m looking at Ayn Rand. Yes really. I read those books when I was very young and idealistic. I liked the Fountainhead. Wow, this is so cool! About halfway through Atlas Shrugged I kinda went meh although I still finished the book. She’s a good story teller and world builder in any case. I wonder what this cynical old bag (meeee) will think about her books now as I and the world have changed so much. I may well get ticked off and quit without finishing. But we’ll see…

How ’bout Gone With the Wind? When I read it as a kid, it was largely ball gowns and fancy food and slaves who loved their masters. I’m pretty sure I didn’t understand the history and politics of the time. What will I think of it now against the backdrop of the Trumpian Bombasty, the seeming rise of White Supremacy (again, sigh), and Black Lives Matter. I am a WASPy type person but I care about PEOPLE. I don’t care what they look like. Sorry if you disagree.

That’s off the top of my head in this blahg-writing moment. What did you read a long time ago that you might want to re-read? It might be something I want to put on my list, whether I’ve read it or not.

Orange hearts to all! 🧡🧡🧡

3 Responses to “B and B and V”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I loved the Foundation Trilogy. I also saw that there is a new Dune film coming out, which made me want to re-read the book, which was one of my favorites. I read one Jackson Brodie and didn’t continue. I don’t know why. I couldn’t get into the Dublin Murder series and don’t remember why not. I’m trying out Kate Ellis and reading more CJ Box. (not great literature but what I need at the moment)

  2. Jay Says:

    I’m reading what I find in the little free libraries around the neighborhood right now. We sanitize them and let them sit for a bit, and then dig in. It definitely provides some variety. I am just finishing Cold Welcome by Elizabeth Moon. It’s a sci-fi little book. And when done I put them back in a library, preferably different than where it was last. My Dad calls this cross-pollinating.

  3. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    I read both Fountain Head and Atlas Shrugged when I was quite young. I was rather bewildered by both (albeit enjoying them), because I couldn’t “grok” the point, even at a young age. Or rather, I was DISTURBED by what I figured was the point.

    I enjoy some SF, too, but I’m rather picky. Have you read anything by John Scalzi? I LOVE him. (I also follow him on Twitter plus his delightful blog, “Whatever.”) His stories are wryly funny and very character driven. I would whole-heartedly recommend Old Man’s War series (trilogy) to start with. It’s just…great! And after that, basically anything he’s written. I just finished his “Collapsing Empire” trilogy and it was fantastic. It’s so seldom that you encounter humor and snark in sci-fi, and it’s just wonderful.

    And oooooh! I’m so excited about the new Dune movie coming to Netflix. Dune was one of the very few books I’ve read multiple times. May have to again.