Are we having fun yet?

Alternate title? “And then there was one.”

Yes we are having loads of fun. My mouse dropped off my loverly little Ninja early this morning and walked to work. I wanted to take a slooooowww drive this morning to check out the river and maybe Swan Corners and a few back roads or whatever. I started by driving the river drive. Everything was all right. And then I got to Dexter. I had to stop for a stop sign. Scrrrraaaaape. Okay, that does not sound good. Brakes? Yup.

And this meant that *potentially* FOUR people might be forced to share ONE vee-hickle. A vee-hickle that was rattling around somewhere up north.

I hightailed it back to the landfill, parked, and called the GG. “Where *are* you?” I used to be pretty aware of his whereabouts because I would get an email whenever he bought gas. He has recently joined 21st century fintech and is using a payment method that doesn’t notify me about anything so I had no clue. Iggy? Hiking? Gaylord? Hoton Lake? Turned out he was southbound on the I75 SUV Speedway north of Gaylord. The road had been bad but was improving.

He abandoned his plan to stop for another Hoton Lake overnight and drove directly down to the Planet. After taking the Ninja for a drive, he confirmed my broke-brake suspicions. About the only good thing about this was that he arrived about a half hour after my mouse walked back from work so she didn’t have to hang around out in the cold waiting. (She brought me whine 🙃)

The verdict? Yes, it needs back brakes. It isn’t at a critical stage yet so my mouse will drive it until she gets the Frog Hopper back. If this does not work, I suppose the GG and Mooon Yooonit will serve as a chauffeur service for a couple days, ferrying our essential workers back and forth across the southeast Great Lake State. Or a car could be rented. We’ll see. A positive in all this is that Ninja is manual so you don’t have to hit the brakes every time you need to decelerate because you can downshift. At least that’s what my mouse and I are telling each other.

That dirty vee-hickle in the pic is my Ninja. I do not know who those guyz are. The gg probably remembers their names, ranks, serial numbers, and who their wives are and what they do.

2 Responses to “Are we having fun yet?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s some car craziness! It sounds like you will work it out, no matter what. But it may be complicated for a while. 🙂

  2. GG Says:

    The guy on the left is a newly elected Commissioner in Chippewa County – Eric Baron. The guy on the right is an expert “tracker” who can follow the faintest traces of your passing in the woods and find you – John G?. I believe that he participates in search and rescue/recovery work.