Keep yerself and Mooon Yooonit at the Driftwood and don’t fergit to MASK UP!

Oh the weather looks good this weekend. He said. I thought, “Yeah, roight.” This doesn’t look like a huge snowfall but if the GG says the driving is treacherous, it is treacherous and that’s all that matters. He is in Iggy BTW, no snow here on the Planet Ann Arbor.

Our little extended family is down enough vee-hickles at this point that I do NOT want anything to happen to Mooon Yooonit (oh, not to mention the GG!). Mouse/Raccoon are down two vee-hickles and are carpooling rather long distances in my Ninja. (“My” Ninja? We both own the Ninja but I LOOOOVE my 6-speed manual tranny and am the main driver). The Frog Hopper was supposed to be fixed on Friday but the shop ordered the wrong parts and now we’re looking at Tuesday.

The result is that I do not have an automotive vee-hickle at my disposal this weekend. My driveway is empty. I am okay with this! Really! I got two grocery deliveries today (Plum and Argus). I didn’t need to go anywhere and my “kids” are very hard working essential workers and I will help them out any way I can, which means they can use my car whenever they need to.

We are not anywhere near Warren Buffet (or George Soros 🐽) but these days we are financially able to buy new vee-hickles pretty much whenever we want to, which isn’t very often. Mooon Yooonit is 2019 but Ninja is 2008.

I remember when we were first married and we owned two Ford Fiestas. One weekend BOTH of them had bad brakes or something, I can’t really remember. We were car-less for a few minutes until the GG went out and fixed the brakes (or whatever) on one or the other of the Fiestas. He was a DIY guy with cars back then, partly from his upbringing and also because he worked summers at Hamtramck Assembly during college. He did know how to fix cars. Nowadays he doesn’t really do his own car repair work so much. I think at some point he figgered it was easier to pay someone else to do that stuff.

One Response to “Keep yerself and Mooon Yooonit at the Driftwood and don’t fergit to MASK UP!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I always feel nervous if I don’t have a car, but I’m not using mine much right now anyway. It’s sat in the garage for the past two days. Do you have 3 cars normally? I’ve lost track. My younger daughter is the kiss of death to cars. She’s now driving a Jeep Cherokee; I think she should have stuck to Subaru. (or gotten a Toyota)