What did I do this quarter? What am I gonna do next quarter? The same old same old. Except it isn’t always the same. I basically create the same kind of document for each of my prodjects but that’s where the similarities end. Each prodject, even some that seem trivial at the outset, push me into new territories and archaeological digs (when and why did we do this?). And how do we want to change it? And it isn’t just writing. It is illustrating with tables, annotated screenshots, flow diagrams, whatever.

WAIT! WHAT? I just heard a clip of tRump NASTILY refusing to answer a question and telling the REPORTER to be NICE! WHAT??? ??? ??? Why why why do so many people worship the Orange Baboon? Read his frickin’ Twitter feed, you guys. Bad orange man. It’s not MAGA. It’s Make tRump Great [again?]. ASSPLODING HEAD ANYONE?

Okay, I fall off when I get to the part about how I want to advance my career. I love my job/career. I am always up to take on whatever interesting work comes along. I am not a young kid at this time and am not looking to take over the company or even take on a management position. I am happy where I am. When it’s time for me to ride off into the sunset, I will find other things to do (peering at fabric stash). But I’m not ready for that quiiiite yet so I hope I am needed for a while longer. You never know in an at will company. But I did complete my performance evaluation today and got it sent off and that is always a relief.

In a way, what I do for a living now is kinda like all the other things I’ve done for a living (or not). Working low-level IT in Operations at That Darn EPA, I was the main problem solver. If there was an ERROR on something, I could usually figger it out. Then there was YAG. Play productions are kinda like the functional specifications that I write now. Every one is the same, yet they are also wildly different.

The pic is of a sorta headless GG in a window seat at the Redhawk restaurant downtown on a Friday. Was it last year? I can’t remember. The GG is at the Driftwood (hopefully masked) in Iggy tonight and we aren’t sure if Virtual Oscar Tango is going to work or not. The Driftwood rooms have iffy internet connections.

3 Responses to “Glarrrrrb”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I no longer want to give our outgoing president any attention he craves or listen to his nonsensical rants. He is nuts.

  2. Jay Says:

    I just finished my performance evaluation today too. I do understand why one of my goals is transition planning. I guess after 33 years they figure the end is on the horizon somewhere. I agree with the practical aspects of this and the organization it requires actually helps me while i’m still here

  3. Pooh Says:

    Back in the day at the Corps of Engineers, the head of my branch was retiring in six months. Nonetheless, the powers that be said he had to do his performance evaluation anyhow. On the line for 5 year goals, he wrote, “I plan to be fishing, and watching my grandkids, and not giving one DAMN thought to you!”