Text storming

Our little family is pretty good at keeping text messaging to a minimum. I can go days without sending or receiving a text and for the most part it’s me and the GG, me and one daughter or another, all four of us, or just me and our daughters. That last if we’re making jabs at some vile polly-tishun. (I guess vile is my new favorite word, since I’ve used it a lot lately.) Occasionally a niece or someone’s significant other is included but we try to be careful not to spam them. I also text occasionally with a few cousins as well as BFF and a couple other friends. Very occasionally Amazon Woman but that’s only when one or both of us is not online via a work device and something important is happening. Like the infamous “work from home tomorrow” text I got the evening of March 12, 2020.

This week has been a bit more busy what with a couple of automotive vee-hickle issues, one involving a deer (driver not injured thank you very much) and the garden variety kind of repair issues related to owning an aging vee-hickle.

Where I am struggling is with xmas lists! We (nuclear fam) got *with* it this year and started putting out xmas lists BEFORE Thanksgiving! We were gonna be ORGANIZED! Problem? It was mostly by text message and I have almost totally lost track of who wants what and who has already purchased what for who and and and…

The good news is that NO ONE NEEDS ANYTHING. A couple/three of us need new laptops and there are those pesky vee-hickle repairs, etc., but those things don’t make exciting xmas gifts. You can wrap up a laptop and put a fancy bow on it but ho-hum, especially considering how difficult it is nowadays to transfer all of your digital “stuff” over to a new musheen. At least that has been my experience. You can stick a bow on a set of taaaars I guess but how would you wrap up a suspension system? I don’t even know what one LOOKS like. Oh, not that any of those things are being gifted, just that they are the most needful things right now. Knick-knacks and chitchen crapola are NOT NEEDED.

It’s okay. We’ll figure it out and it won’t be the usual xmas anyway. But there’s got to be a better way to organize xmas gift lists. In fact, I bet there is an app (or 10 or 20) for that! 🐽

That pic is of ice but it almost looks like a frog face. Does anyone else see that or am I nutso? I took it in December 2011 but not sure where. It may have been on the moominbeach. We were certainly up there that December, looking after The Commander in what turned out to be the last few months of her life…

One Response to “Text storming”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I sort of see the frog face. My daughters and I primarily check in through text since it’s quick and doesn’t disturb their work schedules or in Ashley’s case, baby schedules. Since they’re 3 hours ahead of me, I have to be aware of that at all times. I have a few gifts for my parents but everyone else is getting money.