Use it or lose it

’tis the season and I’m bumping up against use or lose as usual. I got a lot of good productive stuff done at teleCubelandia today so I am about 80% done with organizing the training session I have to run sometime next month. Feels good to get that much outta the way although knowing me, I’ll fergit it all by the time I have to dredge it up again 🐽

So last year at this time, I had (I thought) kicked a post-Thanksgiving cold virus to the curb. Except I sorta started coughing again, or was I *still* coughing? Did that cough ever completely go away? I couldn’t figger it out. I wasn’t terribly sick except I was coughing a LOT! Knowing I wouldn’t be missed at Cubelandia at this time of year (NO ONE was ever there during the holidays), I took a sick day in amongst my remaining vacay. Even though I was not that sick. Except for the insane coughing. And a lot of nose blowing.

Y’all are guessing where I’m going with this. I KNOW, intellectually at least, that COVID was not supposed to have been in the US last December. My symptoms were limited to extreme coughing and nose-blowing (Kleenex anyone) and I didn’t get anyone else sick that I know of. I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on this possible conundrum. It probably was just a regular cold but it does continue to tickle my brain, just because there are so many things about the coronavirus “we” still don’t know. I know I could get tested for antibodies but I’m not sure I would get a definitive answer, not to mention that other people are in greater need of testing, not to mention vaccines. But still.

Whatever I had a year ago, I continue to follow the virus “rules” and hope it doesn’t sneak in through the corners of my drafty windows and doors. Which “we” now know it can’t really do. It is transmitted by breathing infected people’s air. Even those who are asymptomatic!

Mask up, people, and don’t gather.

2 Responses to “Use it or lose it”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I do think that people had Covid 19 back then. It was 2019 after all. We just didn’t have a clue that it would be here or spread the way it did. It was probably more likely to be bronchitis, but who knows? I am not gathering and am masking. I’ve also been back to grocery pick up for a month or so. Although people wear masks around here, there are a few too many who do so incorrectly. Those covidiots are to be avoided.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I’ve had times this year where I was sneezing or coughing more than usual. I think “it’s just a cold”, but how did I even get a cold, when I’ve been masking and distancing? I think we’re all a little paranoid.

    I love the sewing machine ornament! Was that one of Fran’s, or yours?